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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • peggy a. garcia - First didn't know I was ordering this but when it ...

    First didn't know I was ordering this but when it came the box was open--had one battery & one screw was missing. If I had kept this I would have had to buy this watch batteries all the time. I sent it back... Sorry

  • G. R. Overturf - As advertised, a great find!

    I had some of this years ago and loved it, so wanted more to fix the tightness on my laptop hinges. It was hard to find but worth it. Lubed the hinges on the laptop so it now opens without cracking the plastic!

  • Stephanie GV - Love it

    It's a must if you have the UPPA Baby stroller. Definitely helps keep me organized. Way better cup holder than the attachment one that we have.

  • James Bond - Phenomenal code and architecture - best A/V and anti-malware.

    Webroot - this is clearly THE best antivirus ever created. I wouldn't be surprised if it blocked the NSA malware and snooping activities as well. The code is tight and fast resulting in super fast scans, false positives are extremely rare, and I've yet to see a malware penetrate Webroot. The best part is the small footprint both in memory and on the hard drive. Previously I loved Prevx v3.0, but WRSA is the next generation, designed by the same key team members as Prevx (post company merger). As a consultant, I often use WRSA to find malware after a client failed to find them with other "popular and competing a/v packages". You can fill in the blank. ;-) Having the latest competitor's virus definitions is no longer a benefit. Lastly, unlike competitors, when one has a solid suggestion or bug report, often the WRSA team will fix it within hours/days unlike the competition which MAY look at the problem months later if at all (I speak from years of such experience as a software engineer, IT consultant and contributor).