Review: - Reduce my risk alcohol and cancer campaign - View - Alcohol is in the same cancer-causing category as tobacco smoke and asbestos. They are all Group 1 carcinogens. The more you drink and the more often you drink, the more you increase your risk of developing cancer.

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  • Richard Clary - Quality not what it was.

    I didn't purchase this new edition even though the one I have is older. The one I have has a spiral binding with thick pages, is easy to read, has color, and I love it. What happened to the quality? This new 2016 version isn't anything that I could use. I will not be purchasing this book. Please bring back the quality product as I need to up-date my planning tool. The review with pictures was very helpful and let me know this is not the book for me.

  • Carolina caballero - i was so happy when after about a week and a half i ...

    So through the years i lost a lot of hair, not only on my head but also my eyebrows. and it was a huge hassle constantly having to do my makeup and add more color to my fading eyebrows. when i got the chance to reveiw this product i went for it without thinking twice about it! i was so happy when after about a week and a half i noticed that i had thicker eyebrows! not too thick where you would be like, ooo girl get them brows done', but enough to make me feel happy and not have to put on makeup! once i completed the four weeks that it says it would take, i was even more EXCITED. my brows were fuller, and i felt super confident and sexy. i know it may seem weird cause they are just eyebrows, but nowadays apparently that is like a huge deal. my eyebrows and fuller and thick, now i go get them done instead of having to constantly put on makeup and having to face the embarrassment of smearing it while in public, or not being able to go swimming for that same reason. i really recommend this to my fellow friends also looking for a way to fix their no eyebrow game.

  • T. Haderlie - Great product!

    I really like this product. I bought one at a local store and was very impressed with it. I am purchasing this one as a spare to keep in my purse. They charge via a wall charger. The charge lasts several days if not several weeks. I highly recommend it.