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  • STACEY A. GILL - The Galaxy Prevails II

    This is the best replacement phone I have purchased. I love all of the features this phone has and the color is great. It is a little smaller than my previous phone but I still love it. The battery lasts a good while and my other phone was always going dead. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone. I believe Samsung makes good quality products.

  • john - If you have back hair just buy this and be done with it.

    Though I feel this is slightly overpriced for what it is there just isn't a lot of competition out there for this so it is what it is. With that said this works beautifully. I don't really care for the blades they sent with it. I tried them and while they work I don't feel they're sharp enough compared to my favorite; Astras. I'll just stash the others aside and use my astras next time.

  • Elizabeth Olson - Impossible to Use - Suport isn't Helpful - Blue Screen of Death

    Kaspersky software has been nothing but trouble since I installed it. Today's blue screen of death pointing to kltdi.sys clinched it. The inability to talk with humans when I have problems made support unusable. Support is by email only, and consists mostly of canned templated replies.

  • david dominic rowland - the base is okay best. The sound is true HD though

    I ended up purchasing these earphones after I broke my set of bluetooth Solano earphones. They are on a whole other scale of loudness. Half way is as far as you want to take these things, believe me. To me, the base is okay best. The sound is true HD though. Makes calls super clear!!! The only other bad thing is that they do stick off of your ears. I believe this is due to the larger driver that these sport. I rate these a 3 and I would recommend these to anyone....