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  • Jonathan L Wilson - Great Piece of Hardware hampered by Steam OS. Still a hardware bargin.

    I purchased this to replace the Intel NUC that I'd been using as a home theater PC since the NUC didn't have dedicated graphics for gaming. I decided to give the Steam OS version of this a try as opposed to the Alienware Alpha (same system, just configured with windows instead and different accessories) since I'd heard that Steam OS was pretty well optimized for gaming. While things ran lightning fast on Steam OS only a fraction of games from the Steam Library run on it. After a day of frustration with not being able to play most of the games in my library I broke down and installed Windows 10 on it. Now that I've replaced the operating system I couldn't be happier with it. I've mainly been using it for Fallout 4 but I'm very impressed with how well it runs that piece of software. I have the graphics set to High detail at 1920x1080 and it runs stutter free and looks amazing. As far as value goes its a great piece of hardware; you would be hard pressed to build something this powerful in this form factor for the money. ( I spent time researching building something before buying this and to equal the specs for the price I had to build something in a full ATX form factor. Not ideal for a home theater.) Steam OS however simply isn't ready for prime time. Either go with the Alpha version with Windows or be prepared to spend a day setting this up with a better OS.

  • Terri E. - I feel like this one works the best out of all three

    I was first introduced to this product at a hair salon. It was over $18 for one 4 oz. bottle. I've tried a couple other products that were cheaper and didn't get the same results, including Healthy. Sexy. Hair. and It's a 10. I feel like this one works the best out of all three. You might try it and have a different opinion, but I'm sticking with this one. My hair detangles quickly, and feels smooth without frizz when it's dry, and has a nice healthy shine..

  • Will Glass - Purple People Sleeper

    I chose the purple mattress after months of searching online. I wanted it for its benefits of being firm enough to support and not cause pressure points to ache. The surface of the mattress is very remarkably different than other mattresses. The Purple material is soft, and absorb intentionally under duress, but springs back immediately afterward. Places like your hips and shoulders are absorbed into the purple material where as a leg will rest gently on top of the purple. The pockets definitely do as advertised where they give for your hard spots, and remain resilient where its needed. I would say the mattress does not sleep cold, but definitely neutral, it does not "trap" heat to your body. You are cradled well. Edges are supportive to sit on, the mattress works well for side and back and stomach sleeping. I am a large male (~300 lbs) so I use more of the foam layer support, but it still works very well for me. I had read that some people have "motion" issues with the mattress. I never had that experience, my wife can move or I can, and the motion is LARGELY eaten by the mattress. She moves and I do not notice a bit, and she claims when I change positions she notices it substantially less than before. That being said I also move less. I will wake up hours later in almost the exact spot I started which is a very new experience for me. I like the purple so far (2 weeks), I will update if that changes.

  • Old Man Muscles - Amazing Shave With A Quality Razor, at a Great Price.

    Last summer I bought in all the online hype about shaving with safety razors, so I own the Utopia care and Weishi 9306 safety razors. Though they give smooth shaves, I didn't think they did any better of a job than my Schick Hydro 5 blade razor. Regardless how or with what razor I shaved with, I had alot of growth after 2 days. I was using all 3 razors in rotation as part of my shaving habit, when I got down to my last blade for the hydro. When watching lots of wet shave videos on Youtube, I noticed many did reviews of the Dorco Pace 6. Since it was selling for $20 on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. I was very satisfied on the feel of the razor in my hand, and the shave I got from it. 10 blades and a razor for $20 is a great deal on it's on, but then a really close shave seals the deal for me. I've had 2 nick free shaves so far, and I'm impressed with the quality of the shave. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I don't think so. After shaving with a safety razor, the hydro, and now the Dorco Pace 6, I don't believe safety razors gives a closer less irritating shave. I'll use all 4 in my rotation, but I love this Dorco. For the price and smoothness of the shave, I see why the dollar shave club had it as their best razor.