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  • Roxanne Sadowitz - Totally satisfied.

    It was just what I wanted. Sound is superb. It's also easy to operate. The price was right, too. Delivered in great shape and on a timely basis.

  • Amazon Customer - Grill looks great. Especially with the halo LED headlights i also ...

    Grill looks great. Especially with the halo LED headlights i also purchased. Everything lined up perfect. Even the parking/turn signal lamps clicked in place with no modifications. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a new grill for there wrangler. Mine even came with the steel lower clips and new whether strip. Had to use original plastic rivet clips for upper part of grill.

  • P. A. Wunderlich - Starbuck's Prime.

    This coffee is one of Guatemala's finest coffee, roasted by Starbucks. It has a woody/lemon flavor to it, acidic by nature (Guatemala's altitude), and an amazing aftertaste. I've found that the best way to have this coffee is with a French-Press, since you can extract more of its intense qualities. Give it a try, you won't regret it. 'Casi Cielo' means "almost heaven", and its true, it does have a heavenly taste.

  • alex duchemin - it gave the trucks a nice look, very discret and stylish

    I installed it on a 2011 Tundra Platinum and a 2088 FJ Cruiser, it gave the trucks a nice look, very discret and stylish.

  • B Mike - 5 fun flashing balloons!

    Fun flashing balloons! 5 popular colors and they have a control at the top. You just press in and you can go from solid light to flashing, fast flashing and off. Of course, as a safety factor, I would say these are not for kids to be running around with, since they do have batteries in them which could be dangerous for children. These are simply for fun decoration, but not for playing with. They are a great novelty item and would add to any celebration for sure!!! Hope you have found my review helpful, if so do let me know!

  • Donald F. Wright - I am very pleased with the bruise cream

    I am very pleased with the bruise cream. It diminishes the bruises I get from bumping my arms on everything. Now that I can't find it anymore in the store, I hope Scar Zone/Amazon continues to sell it.

  • Amazon Customer - ONLY BUY ON ADVOCARE.COM...

    First off let me start by saying it is actually prohibited to sale this product through any other commercial website such as this. If you pay $250 for this its your own fault, you are not getting everything that the challenge offers. Everyone has different reactions to different things and there is no way of knowing who will have a reaction to what. Some people are allergic to peanuts some aren't so it may work for some people but not all. I highly recommend you not buy this on any other website but ADVOCARE.COM because this is not where this is to be sold.