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  • Paige Greene - Mild detox!

    I've been drinking this for four days. If you are looking for a tea that is going to pulverize your colon and strip you of all foods you have eaten like lyfe tea or any of those teas...this is not the tea. I tried the others and liked the results but they were super hard on my body, I was up all night using the bathroom and had stomach pains. This tea is super mild and I don't feel the same pains that I felt with the other tea at all! It also tastes really good and doesn't taste like I'm drinking dirt. You probably will notice the effect of this tea over a longer period of time and it doesn't seem to work solely as a laxative which I really like. If you want a milder tastier less involved detox (doesn't require teaballs and that mess) then this is the tea for you!

  • William Lincourt - This is the biggest scam out there. The product ...

    This is the biggest scam out there. The product is expensive and has little to no data to support the claims. It is a pyramid sceem and relies on bringing in new partners to make any money.

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful, soft scarf

    Beautiful, soft scarf. Looks just like it does in the picture. I didn't love the color of the fringe (also looks like it does in the picture, kind of neon yellow/green), but the scarf is really pretty so it doesn't take away from it too much.