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  • Coleen J. Mattern - A Successful Trap for Squirrels

    This is a wonderful trap for catching squirrels. This year has been an abundance of this particular rodiant.

  • Amazon Customer - Looks good, small profile

    Looks good, small profile, fits well. Works great for local stations, but cuts out for satellite radio about 25% of the time. Sat radio works on open road but in city not so good.....

  • N Smith - This is a really great product. Upon opening the package I was simply ...

    This is a really great product. Upon opening the package I was simply in awe by the beautiful bottle. It looks like a $70 bottle cosmetic. The bottle is dark and fades into a more clear color at the bottom. Giving you the ability to see the product. The dropper is one of the best I've seen. You post the top down instead of squeezing and it picks up and dispensing a nice amount of product without forcing you to overuse. I was thinking that because of the beautiful packing it might not be a great product because most things that comes packaged beautifully are just that beautiful packages with no benefits. Boy was I wrong! I applied the product to my face after washing. It has a nice thick consistency but not too heavy. I rubbed a drop on each side of my cheeks, and one drop for my chin and forehead area. It began to absorb immediately. My skin was so soft and smooth. It didn't dry me out at all. I have acne prone skin and had a few white and black heads before applying the product. This product actually dried the pimples up. I am very amazed by this product and extremely please with my purchase.

  • Lisa in TN - Very informative. We are planning a trip to Rome ...

    Very informative. We are planning a trip to Rome next month. He gives you a list on how to use your time to get the most out of your trip and

  • Ryan - Too heavy of a running shoe for me

    These shoes were a little darker than shown in picture, but more importantly they were a bit too heavy compared to the shoes I prefer to run in. If I wasn't so used to a lighter shoe I might had kept them.