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  • Terri Gardner - Wish I'd found this years ago!

    My dermatologist recommended this 2-3x/week for adult acne, and it's great! I can see my skin getting stronger and healing faster after just a few uses!

  • Zak Abitz - Great image and price. Had a problem with the first unit but second is perfect.

    I've only had it for about a week. The first one I got had 2 dead pixels. Unfortunate but Amazon is great at returns so I just setup the replacement and it came 2 days later. This second unit, works great. No issues. The picture is actually great on it once you set it up to Cinema mode and turn the sharpness down a little. It's 1080p but I watched a nice 4K feed of Breaking Bad on it and it shows. Obviously having the higher resolution image to start with doesn't hurt but it's a great 1080p picture to replace my old 42" Sharp that was in my bedroom. The image is great and LED is really coming a long way. I have a 60" Panasonic Plasma as my living room TV and the blacks and whites look pretty great on this LG. I'm about 8 feet from the TV. My only complaint, and I've seen it on another review, is the stand or feet for the unit. They are on the far edges which if you don't have a wide enough shelf or dresser, you are going to need to adjust that. I wasn't too worried because I know I will be putting it on the wall. I recommend this unit and I've purchased multiple LG units over the past 2 years and they never let me down aside from the minor 2 pixel issue with this first unit. I'll update after a few months of using it.

  • Jason - Broke in less than a year

    First the Scan and PDF buttons stopped working. No big deal, I will just select those options in the scan center. Then, I started getting a message every time I put in a piece of paper to scan: "Insert paper in the Neat ADF Scanner." Well, the paper was there. So, of course you take it out, put it back in, and repeat. Still the same error message. What a crock. I liked it fine when it worked, but now it is a $500 paperweight and I am pissed. Oh, and by the way, I am a LIGHT user!!! I only scan personal bills and receipts. So this thing is just not built to last. Buyer be ware.

  • Zalmorion the Fantastic - Keeps the Poo in its Place

    Great product. Has kept our septic in good working order for 2 years. Kept another septic in great shape for a few years before that. As far as I can tell, it is keeping the poo on the down low. In the ground and never to be found. No weird smells from our pipes. It dissolves quickly. Actually the product itself has a pleasant smell. Go figure. :) Make sure you use it regularly. More than less is always better. Keep using it and it keeps your system functioning well. As far as I can tell.