SCANNER - SCANNER (SCAlable National Network for Effectiveness Research) will provide a distributed network infrastructure to enable near real-time comparative effectiveness and prospective analysis of data collected from clinical databases. Through collaborations between UC San Diego and multiple institutions, SCANNER represents a unique collection of academic, government, technology, and healthcare ecosystem participants that together include the ingredients necessary to deploy, validate, and grow a network that streamlines and improves research and clinical practice on a national scale.

Country:, North America, US

City: -117.2359 California, United States

  • Sandy - Good moisterizing, horrible smell that doesn't fade

    My first complaint is the smell. It is absolutely awful and smells like baby puke. Surprisingly, the other reviews say they loved the scent so I thought it would be okay. Its very moisterizing and silky on my skin, but I was hoping the smell would wear off after 10 or 15 minutes. It doesn't. It remains on the skin and it is just a horrible smell. Its nothing like roses or a subtle floral scent which is what I had hoped for. If your looking for a good moisterizing lotion, this could be it. But if your looking for one that smells good, just don't risk buying this. Better off with one from bath and body works which provides both a silky unsticky touch with an amazing fragrant.

  • Anthony Y. - 90 4runner

    Working good so far, had a leak from somewhere near my thermostat, water pump, had leak, took it all apart and replaced and resealed, still leaked, poured this bottle in and no more leak and temps are prefect

  • Gagewyn - Solid, intuitive, well documented; Let's me buy once, and avoid the Creative Cloud

    This review is entirely from the perspective of people looking at Photoshop alternatives, now that Adobe has switched to a monthly fee model with Creative Cloud.

  • jana Washatka - What a pain! Error messages over and over, Don't Buy!!

    I have a new Mac and had to get a new version that would be compatible. Wrong. Hours of loading, updating, tech non-existent support, reloading, downloading patches, still error msgs. I think I shall build a fire and burn it.

  • Bailey - I LOVE this case!!

    This case seems to have some protection to it, but I feel that it is made more for the convenience of having a phone and wallet together (which I'm totally okay with). The design is nice and professional, the amount of card space is a plus, and it does offer a little padding/protection to the phone. Everything works great! Promo codes can be found online so the case/wallet is well worth the money!

  • Rachel - We have owned a previous publication of this book that we enjoyed greatly.

    It was missing several pages and had double of other pages. We attempted to settle this matter but were unsuccessful. We have owned a previous publication of this book that we enjoyed greatly.