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  • LTLisa - Revised

    Help! This item came yesterday. This morning I sat down to follow the installation instructions and the mcafee link that was given is broken (due to a website redesign) and it is NOT intuitive as to how to proceed with the item purchased. It is intuitive and much more expensive to follow the links and order online. I will have to debug this after work. Very sad.

  • Bryan Henriques - Awesome edc light.

    I have been carrying a Streamlight Stylus Pro for awhile and love it, but needed something stronger for work during the day. I did weeks of research watching YouTube videos and reading reviews on forums and narrowed it down to this one, the Fenix PD35, and the Nitecore P12. Those 3 lights are very similar and all would fulfill my needs, but in the end I went with the TN12. One reason is the separation in lumens between the different power modes. This one has 5 power levels. The firefly mode is .3 lumens and is very useful. It works well for getting up to get water/ doing whatever in the middle of the night to both preserve your night vision and to not wake up anyone else in the room. Also works well for reading a menu in a dark resteraunt or anything like that. Low mode is 20 lumens and is great for general stuff at night when you are illuminating something right infront of you and don't wanna blind yourself. The next level up is 280 lumens and will give you a little more throw distance for searching around an area at night. This mode is already plenty of light for almost anything you need, and when put on in a dark room it will illuminate very well. High mode is 800 lumens, and reall throws a beam as it is an extreme amount of light. Do Not shine it at someone's face as it will temporarily blind them, which makes a great non lethal self defense tool. This is as high as I usually go as it is more than enough light for any task. The beam throws very far with a solid hotspot and just enough spill for a good search light. Turbo mode is 1050 lumens and is not very discernible from high mode, and it eats more battery so I hardly use it. The only difference I see is long distance illumination at night you get a little bit of a stronger hot spot. Other than that it's not a big enough jump in lumens to warrant using, to the point of almost being redundant. I only say almost because it does give you a little extra throw. Aside from a solid beam the TN12 also has a strobe function, which is al 1050 lumens of blinding fury. YOU DONT WANT THIS POINTING AT YOUR FACE. It's very disorienting and would work well in a defensive situation. The body of the light is well built and solid, not hollow feeling like some other lights I've used. It is water proof, shock proof to any standing height (if you are standing up and drop it on the floor), and compact enough to carry in a front jeans pocket. It comes with a sturdy clip which I use everyday and am happy with. Also include is a strong lanyard and strong nylon belt holder. The light is comfortable in the hand and textured enough for a sturdy grip even with sweaty hands. It takes either one 18650 or two cr123 batteries, giving the same output (to my eyes) with both. I went through a pair of cr123's in only 3 weeks of moderate use so I suggest rechargeable batteries. Overall a well built powerhouse light in a pocketable package that should last you a very long time.

  • Deania Campbell - This was a very helpful and well written book. ...

    This was a very helpful and well written book. It really made me think about what I needed to gain from reading and studying this guide.

  • Jamie M. - I was not disappointed! WONDERFUL read

    Such a fan of Carole Bayer Sager, so I was so excited to read this book. I was not disappointed! WONDERFUL read!!!!!!