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  • gabby k - Book was different .

    Didn't hold my interest , too many people. Hard to follow what was going to happen next. Could have ended better.

  • Elizabeth - So I'd say it's a good book.

    This is the (only) book My son used for preparing the test, and he got 800. So I'd say it's a good book.

  • K.E. - Last set of knives you will buy, made in U.S.A.!!!

    Best knives i have ever had!!! Seriously the last set of knives i will ever buy. Not to mention it is made in the U.S.A.!!!

  • Brian Gilhooly - Big, quality mouse pad for everyday tasks or video gaming

    This is a great mouse pad for desktop users or people with laptops mostly used on a desk. This is a very big mouse pad so it may not be for everyone. In addition to it being big, it is what I would describe as "floppy." It won't be very steady if you're trying to use it on a couch or another perfectly non-flat surface. That being said, I love this mouse pad and it fits my needs perfectly. I use my laptop almost exclusively on my desk (and when I'm not using it on the desk, I don't really need the mouse anyway) so this pad keeps its form well. I use it for everyday tasks as well as playing video games (for which it was designed).

  • Grandfather42 - Sea Foam Motor Treatment for Outboard Engines

    All boaters who have 2- or 4-stroke marine engines need to have a fuel additive in there gas to protect against ethanol effects. I have used StaBil products for years; I add to all gas used on the boat during the boating season. In addition, I use Sea Foam before putting the boat in winter storage to clean up the combustion chambers on my 2-stroke 90 hp outboard. This is especially important because the oil rich gas entering the engine can leave carbon deposits on the cyclinder heads and walls.

  • Mrs. Clean - Nice Book For Coins

    Album is ok but I wish I had purchased a "map type" album showing where the park is and giving more information about the park.