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FMT Treatment & Gut Flora Experts | Taymount Clinic - The Taymount Clinic is a specialist centre for the production of tested, high quality and certified gut bacteria and effective FMT treatment

  • http://taymount.com/about-us About Taymount Clinic & FMT | Taymount Clinic - Taymount Clinic are a specialist centre for the production of certified, high quality gut bacteria and effective implant techniques
  • http://taymount.com/faecal-microbiota-transplant-fmt What is a Faecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) | Taymount Clinic - Fecal or Faecal Microbiota Transplant. FMT is the process of transplanting intestinal bacteria from a healthy person into a patient.
  • http://taymount.com/consultations Consultation Information | Taymount Clinic - Consultations for FMT suitability are free. They are carried out by medical professionals who are specialist FMT practitioners.
  • http://taymount.com/consultations/book-fmt-appointment Book an FMT Appointment | Taymount Clinic - Use our online booking facility below to schedule your initial FMT appointment. Appointments are available by Telephone, Skype or VSee.
  • http://taymount.com/fmt-fees-treatment-costs FMT Fees and Treatment Costs | Taymount Clinic - Find out more about our FMT fees and costs which range from a free initial consultation through to £3950 for our FMT 10+2 programme.

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  • Amazon Customer - Love it, great quality

    Love it, great quality! Better than Apple's Smart Cover in my personal opinion. The Apple Pencil fits very snug and is always there when I need it. You will not be disappointed, unless you dislike like quality.

  • Jess - Please set skepticism aside.

    I feel as if it would not be a complete review if I did not tell my history of having roaches. These little demons have been in most houses I've lived in my entire life because my parents don't care about getting rid of them and that is something that everyone in the house needs to be a part of or at least aware of. They were something that I thought was a plague on my life. I literally never went a year without seeing them everywhere. In my lifetime I have tried probably every spray and bug bomb on the general market. Nothing ever worked. The sprays were more than likely ineffective because I couldn't put them as far spread as I needed to due to having pets and asthma. The bug bombs require multiple applications as well as many days to clear before re-entering the house, and I never had a chance to be out of the house for more than a week. I made a huge mistake of taking furniture with me when I moved out of my parents' house, so naturally, the little pests came with me. I considered tenting the house and everyone always told me that gels are useless.

  • Wayne Field - Payees & categories replaced

    Keeps changing payees & categories. I've phoned & tried on line but no one at Quicken has been able to eliminate that problem.