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  • Ethan Fortier - Fire proof

    I used to think that the cable was too expensive, but I then realized how wrong I was when my house burnt down to nothingness. The diamond luckily saved the HDMI cable. Since my house burns down on a regular basis, buying this HDMI cable was quite a worthwhile investment. It also stimulates the economy in Africa, so +1, would buy again, and again, and again, and again....

  • DronePro - Meh... Spend a bit more for a larger...better seat.

    Maybe it's just me but compared to our other seat, one of their competitors, this seems of poor quality and honestly, the baby sits real weird in it... Does the job, works Great with the City Select stroller but my newborn seems to sit awkward in it.

  • CLEM O. - My mom is dancing her butt off to this!

    Got this for my mom. She loves the songs, and she works out everyday dancing to this. Tracking could be better, but its great either way.

  • Bingo-Karen Haney - Internet Security that IF it Works will BE GREAT!

    The Avira Internet Security Plus offers programs for spam filtering, antivirus, and identify theft protection that are supposed to be the best for the PC so far. I am so not a computer person but was finally able to install it and since I received it from Amazon Vine, did get a one year subscription so will see how it goes. It is supposed to be able to make the computer run faster for games and videos and I do think I notice it somewhat although I am not a game player on my computer. The so-called "Air-Tight Security" is yet to be seen but if it does all that it promises, I shall come back and sing its praises for sure.

  • Mr. and Mrs. C - This is a great addition to any hair loss prevention or restoration routine

    This is a great addition to any hair loss prevention or restoration routine. All you do is apply a couple of drops directly to the scalp/hair and rub them in. We liked to put this on my husbands hair right after he showered. It can make the hair look a little greasy if you use too much so start off small and increase if needed. My husband has been dealing with hair loss for about 4-5 years now and over the past year we've seen his hair start to re-grow and with Omiera's hair loss treatment we've noticed even more "baby" hairs beginning to grow again! It is wonderful to use a product and actually see the results within a small amount of time.

  • Kelly - Perfect for beginners!

    I love this kit and I loved the price of it! This is a basic kit for getting started with EOs and it's been pretty amazing so far. I am already out of Eucalyptus. I'm newer to EOs but they seem to be good quality. I would recommend this set especially if you are just starting with EOs! The EOs that come in here are so versitile and can help in so many different ways!

  • Amazon Customer - damages boot record do not buy.

    Disabled my hard drive! Seemed to install, then all I could get on the screen was "Recovery - PC needs to be repaired" ! It apparently had messed up my boot record! Had never in 50 years had such a bad program. I could not boot up, could not get F8 to help, etc. I am a along retired computer guy, & can usually work around poor programs, but this was very bad. It took all day to get rid of it - & get my computer back. Their FAQ's, Help, forums, did not help in any way. I tried chat - but after 1/2 hour wait gave up. Do not buy.