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  • Jondotcom - Never thought this would happen

    I've installed a few low-cost disposals over the years but thought I would splurge this time. It didn't go well.

  • Anna-Maria Sulin - A MUST-HAVE for any rattle can project!

    Used these to spray Plasti-Dip on the front grille of my Jeep Wrangler. I will never use a rattle can of anything again without one of these on top!! Using these Can Guns, the spray of product was SO even and effortless. I never before realized how sensitive the sprayer of rattle can paints was to even tiny differences in fingertip pressure - the smallest variations constantly cause the spray to change. With these, your trigger finger doesn't tire and the pressure on the sprayer is even and constant. Gave awesome results with Plasti-Dip, planning to use it on all future rattle can projects!

  • Lessthanstout - Best nootropic on the market.

    The best nootropic on the market. I get no side effects, only clean fuel for my noggin. This product will not make you smart. You are not going to take it and pass your bar exam. But maybe if you take it while you study, you will have the focus to create enough confidence, not to cloud your mind with anxiety while you take the Bar. I find that when I take it I just feel perkier, my brain is like a dammed river, and when I have a question asked to me or a problem arise I am able to squash it with ease and eloquence.

  • Sweetcheeks - It's a toss up...

    This one had it's moments. It did hold my interest most of the time but there were a few moments that were on the edge of unbelievable. My perception of who the real herione was, would be Rachel not Liz.

  • Marco A. Mena - Good

    The product was delivered on time. It was much cheaper to buy it in Amazon.com than to buy it directly from the peeachtree store. The only disadvantage is that there is not technical support fron the seller.

  • Jules - I was hesitant but..this product worked a miracle!

    My story starts in a hair salon with an overly zealous colorist who didn't listen to me, but instead decided to do what SHE wanted to my hair. Something about Ombre color. Result? Too dark (almost-black) hair with orange streaks. I died.

  • Moonrise Unicorn - Bug ridden, almost unusable.

    Without a doubt, this is the worst release of Office I've ever worked with. To start with, the product keeps bugging me that it couldn't verify my Office 365 subscription. That might be because I don't have an Office 365 subscription and purchased Home and Student 2016 instead. But despite the fact that I have a valid license for Office 2016 Home and Student, and the licensing info in the software says it is valid, it still keeps bugging me about not being able to verify my Office 365 subscription.