Review: | TradeMarks, Copyrights, and Advertising - Medical endorsements can be powerful selling tools for health care products. But if a medical professional has a connection to the company marketing the

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  • LTCJC - Great golf balls

    These golf balls improved my game a great deal. They are long off the tee and have helped in my chipping and putting. I recommend them for all average golfers. They are the best golf balls that I have tried in 25 years of playing golf.

  • Lancelot - Equinox stubby antenna

    The stubby antenna for the 2013 Equinox is a Great product. Works wonderful. Nice to be able to get the car in the garage now. Extremely easy to put on. On screw the old one. Screw this one in. Can't tell any difference between the original and this one, other then the size. Exactly what I wanted.

  • Doug Phillips - No Phone Support At All!!

    I saw the commercial on CNBC and decided to try it as I was having some issues with one of my computers. I do not make my living in the tech field and I consider myself above average with computers, until something goes wrong. Then I am at the mercy tech support, at whatever price, and if the price is close to buying a new computer, I often go that route. I'm sure I have tossed many fine boxes out of frustration. I paid the $50.00 for the program and it did clean up stuff, I think, but did not help with the email issue I bought it for. The commercial bragged about this being an American based company with support only provide by people here. (another reason I tried this product) I assumed that meant I could call support AND understand them. I was told that PCMATIC offers NO phone support at all. None, under any circumstance. For me , that was a deal breaker. I feel one 15 minute conversation could have made me a very happy customer but the email "ticket" process leads to miscommunication, frustration and a waist of time. The ONLY reason I'm giving 2 stars is that I did not find out about the No Phone Support until my 30 day money back guarantee had passed. I was probably closer to 40 days. PCMATIC chose to refund my money instantly when they read my disappointment in the "ticket". For that, they get stars. If only they were as good at helping customers as they are at loosing customers, this probably would be a great company/product.

  • fran - so far so good. I told my doctor I was taking it ...

    I've only been taking this product for a few weeks, so can't tell about long terms results. That said, so far so good. I told my doctor I was taking it and he agreed that it was a good product and would help me.