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  • Randy Ciamacco - Did nothing for me, HONESTLY!!

    I have had 2 neck surgeries, have bad knees from jumping out of trucks my entire life, and a few shoulder joint issues as well. I've been taking Kirkland, glucosamine/chondroitin tabs for many years before trying supple. Thinking the liquid form would be a better avenue, I bought 2 cases and had it shipped. The total with shipping to Ca. was nearly $!50.00!! After 48 cans of supple, I feel exactly the same as I did before I purchased it. It does have a good taste but so does Coke!

  • Luke - Stylish wallet case s7 edge

    Get your grown man on with this case. Carry 3 major cards, and a few bills along with your s7 edge. This case makes the phone feel that much more expensive. This is for when you're in Bruce Wayne mode. Great for that 1st impression. You could have 2 welfare cards and a rejection sticker in the wallet, but once you open it, all onlookers see is a sexy phone, and class. You might even get a few oohs and aaahs. I love it. Oh yeah, it also folds to a kickstand position to watch movies widescreen. For that, I just switch to a more rugged case. Every edge owner should have at least 2 cases until Otterbox makes the defender WITH built-in screen protector just like the great one they made for the galaxy s5.

  • Kerri - Thank you!

    This summer my kids and I want to check out some world record stuff, they haven't left the book alone since we received it. It came in great condition wonderful safe packaging, which my kids also spent occupying themselves popping =) and on time, actually I think earlier than quoted. Fun info and book was in great condition.

  • C. S. Garcia - my class ended up discarding this!

    does not provide enough space for all meds, it's bulky and does not provide the same space in all meds categories, cards are from cheap paper and end up breaking easily from the binder with some use, i bought this because it was required by my school program and a couple months into the semester; and due to students' complains, we ended up creating our own med cards and discarding the maxi learn cards.

  • neka k. - Great product

    I love this product. The only reason I need to reapply it is if I go to zumba or swimming. Otherwise I'm good for the day. I noticed that not many others have found this product to be successful but it was someone at Nordstrom that first suggested it, and the correct color, and now I get compliments all the time on looking healthier and happier. I think I was wearing the wrong shade of makeup.