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  • Chris L. - Seriously?

    A friend told me I should buy this because it supposedly would cure terminal cancer..... Seriously? Is that even legal? She was trying to sell it to me? You better have some serious research done by independent studies to back up such serious claims.

  • Amazon Customer - Skeptical yet results are not bad at all.

    For a while I thought the serving size was just one pill, then I realized it's 2. One was doing great work and giving my lazy butt if not mental, somehow more energy to actually get up in the morning and go for a run. Two seem to really keep me going the whole day which is pretty impressive. Since I only have been taking two for a couple of days and due to lack of better judgment on my part very little sleep I feel like once I start sleeping well again and continue to take 2 it will help me even more. As proof I can say I have lost 32 pounds. Part on an effort to cut the bad eating habits and working out with the extra boost of this thing. I will update this later on since as of now I've still only had this for about 2 months. If used regularly unlike me who skips on it a couple of days, it might do wonders since it does push you to drink lots of water and still keeps you with energy. Yes people you have to drink water a lot and it does help. That tip came from my friend that had recommended this to me. So in all as skeptical as I was about this I can say it is working.

  • C. Julien - Great case - especially for the price!

    I received this case today - sooner than I expected since it came from overseas. It fits my Fire great, and feels like it is good quality vinyl. The plastic snap-on back of the case has a nice vinyl inset, and it helps to protect the buttons on the tablet, which I frequently end up pressing accidentally when using the tablet. The finish is very good. It does add some weight and thickness to the tablet, but overall it is not a deal-breaker. I'm impressed by the overall quality of the cover - especially for the price.

  • FL ATC - Extremely easy to set-up and use

    Extremely easy to set-up and use! What I liked the most, is that it made no mess! Made installing my ceiling speaker a breeze!

  • A. D. Goss - ThreeLac - THANK YOU

    In short, I was prescribed a 2mth dose of antibioitic at the end of last year for a chronic infection. Within 2-3 weeks of starting the course I developed many of the symptoms of candida, without knowing I had it - as the medical profession refuses to admit it exists. Having subsequently done my own research, I came to the conclusion that I had candida and was fortunate enough to stumble across some information on ThreeLac. I ordered some and started taking it immediately. 90% of the symptoms have subsided, some have completely gone - and I feel HUMAN again!! Thanks ThreeLac!! If you read this, please spread the word... IT WORKS!!!

  • LBAyres - Instantly calms a restless child before bed

    My little girl can be wound and wild, but when we give her a bath using this soap, she calms right down. This is an integral step in her sleep routine; If we don't do it, she has a tough time falling asleep. My husband didn't believe me when I first bought it but now swears by it for her too!

  • R. Wright - Not what I was hoping for.

    This book was a disapointment. The book contained a lot of "FILLER INFORMATION" that had nothing to do with DHEA. The information that was actually on DHEA seemed very general and something you could easily pick up off the internet. A lot of information was also based on theoretical ideas rather than actual studies. I hate giving people bad reviews but I don't feel that this book is worthy of recomendation.