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  • Christina M West - I have hair about as fine and thick as a 2 year old baby

    I have hair about as fine and thick as a 2 year old baby. I saw this product advertised on Facebook and I've tried a MILLION different products over the years to try to make my hair look thicker (and not a single product has worked). The video for the product looked great so I thought I'd try it but it's a bit expensive (and after all, NONE of those other products worked) so I thought I would purchase the travel size 1st to test it out. One word: WOWOWW!!! This stuff is awesome and REALLY works! I would recommend it to anyone with fine hair who wants volume without your hair looking or feeling sticky. I will be purchasing the full size bottle now b/c I'm never going without this product! :D

  • nirupama - Network disconnects with this modem..

    I am having lot of connectivity issues after i installed this modem, Comcast technician came home couple of times and confirmed there were no drops from their side.

  • Cellfluid - Awesome

    I'm pleased with my purchase of juice plus it really advocates a daily needs of necessary nutrients as stated I recommend this to anyone!! I'm speaking form experience

  • Ocleron - Love the product

    Very pleasant smell and the product really makes a difference on your skin. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Little slower than most products getting here but worth the wait.

  • noseallaboutit - Great option for small spaces

    I bought this chair more for home rather than travel but have used it for both. With our having less space, this chair kept us from having to keep a large highchair in or around our kitchen and dining room. It also allows our daughter to sit with us at the table at a good height and support. It is regularly and easily taken down and apart for cleaning. Just take the seat off the frame, remove the plastic cushion and toss in the wash. Some complain about how much you have to twist the clamps to get it lose but we don't have table skirts to get past at home. I have used it in tables with a skirt and it's worked fine, but it does take time to get the clamps completely spread apart to get past the skirt. It would all depend on how deep the skirt is on the table whether or not this chair will work. We've been lucky enough to not have any tables this chair won't attach. I would be very wary of using it on a pedestal table as it would be putting a lot of weight (big baby) on one side of the table. Still, for what it is, I love it. It's secure, space saving and easy to clean.

  • AMoons - Works well for fine to medium hair

    I've used this product for a few years now and although I like it and continue to use it, I can only give it 4 stars because it doesn't get rid of the few stubborn/coarse hairs and I have to pluck them. I would only recommend for those who mostly have "fine" hair. Also, for those who have sensitive skin you need to be careful and make sure you follow the instructions on using the protective balm...I also use Neosporin ointment afterwards so I don't get red, inflammed patches.