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  • Jim Stevens - Love it!!!!

    Keep in mind, I'm an old rock n roll guy. If you are a fan, buy it. I saw them in July and was blown away and I have see them many times. Yes, Stills voice isn't there but he is absolutely one of the best guitarist in history. He actually stole the show. These yahoo's who say they have lost it, don't know good rock n roll.

  • 💕 Indiangirl 💕 - This product is great. I use it once a week on my ...

    This product is great. I use it once a week on my face an neck to exfoliate. Make sure you use it in the shower because the little granules of dead skin/product will get all over. It does make a mess but it's worth it because afterwards your skin is soft and moisturized (but not to an oily degree). I also appreciate how there is no irritation when using this product. I have found that Vivo Per Lei is a great line and I LOVE how you can get the products for a fraction at Amazon!

  • Shirley - He was really happy when he opened his gift and I was a ...

    I got this for my nephew for his 8 year old birthday. He was really happy when he opened his gift and I was a bit scared that you need to charge it first before you can use it, but to my surprise when he pushed the button it turned on. He was able to figure out how to use it without reading the manual. This is a nice smart watch for kids. He was showing his watch to his friends and his friends were all jealous and trying to play with it too. This is a nice idea to give to your kids for their birthday.

  • Armin Nasufovic - An Awesome Giant Mousepad

    I have owned this product since about 2005 up to late 2009. My QcK+ has the old logo on it that is much less noticeable compared to this.

  • DogMom - Still not "Kinect" friendly. . .

    This version is certainly more user friendly than the last edition they put out, but it still doesn't compare to the easy maneuverability of the older versions. This time they gave you controller access so you don't have to go through the very frustrating Kinect motion controls, but if I wanted to use a controller, I would have bought a Wii!! I have noticed a lot of the dance moves are starting to repeat themselves, so they need a little bit more creativity in that area. However, once you get to the song, they really are the best dance video out there. I just wish they would stop trying to "improve" themselves.