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Brain Tumors, Brain Cancer, Symptoms of Brain Cancer - Our team of experts in brain tumors, brain cancer, and symptoms of brain cancer provides hope, innovation and support for our patients. Schedule an appointment or search the site to find more information on brain tumors, brain cancer, and symptoms of brain cancer.

  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/about-us/ About Us | UC Brain Tumor Center - A patient who visits the UC Brain Tumor becomes the focus of a multidisciplinary team of specialists armed with multiple tumor-fighting therapies – from
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/about-us/history/ Our History | UC Brain Tumor Center - The UC Brain Tumor Center reflects a growing collaboration among the University of Cincinnati, UC Health University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC), and the
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/about-us/locations-directions/ Our Facilities | UC Brain Tumor Center - Patients who come to the University of Cincinnati Brain Tumor Center are treated at the following locations: Inpatient Facilities University of Cincinnati
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/brain-tumors/ Brain Tumors, Brain Cancer, Symptoms of Brain Cancer | UC Brain Tumor Center - World renowned experts in the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, brain cancer, and symptoms of brain cancer. Schedule an appointment or search the site to find more information.
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/brain-tumors/types/ Types of Brain Tumors | UC Brain Tumor Center - Although there are more than 120 types of brain tumors, they generally fall into a handful of categories. Forty percent of all primary brain tumors are gliomas,
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/brain-tumors/treatments-services/ Treatments & Services | UC Brain Tumor Center - At the UC Brain Tumor Center, we begin our process of helping patients with a team analysis. Our world-renowned experts in neurosurgery, neuro-oncology,
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/brain-tumors/diagnostic-tests/ diagnostic tests | UC Brain Tumor Center - Our team uses a variety of diagnostic tests to obtain information about a brain tumor. We perform neurological exams to check mental status and memory, cranial
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/about-us/team-approach/ Tumor Board: A Team Approach | UC Brain Tumor Center - The medical and surgical management of brain tumors requires the kind of team approach that is available at the Brain Tumor Center at the University of
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/our-brain-tumor-team/ Our Team | UC Brain Tumor Center - Treatment of each individual patient begins with a multidisciplinary team analysis at our weekly Tumor Board conference. The analysis is conducted by the UC
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/our-brain-tumor-team/pituitary-tumor-team/ UC Brain Tumor Center's pituitary team | UC Brain Tumor Center - The UC Brain Tumor Center has one of the nation's most experienced pituitary tumor teams, headed by UC Health otolaryngologist Lee Zimmer, MD, PhD.
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/research/ Innovations & Research | UC Brain Tumor Center - The UC Brain Tumor Center, a center of excellence within the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute and the UC Cancer Institute, is committed to the discovery of new
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/research/basic-and-translational-research/ Basic and Translational Research at UC Brain Tumor Center | UC Brain Tumor Center - Our translational research team focuses on cell interactions, development and regeneration and develops front-line therapies for brain cancer and metastasis.
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/research/clinical-trials-video/ Clinical Trials Video | UC Brain Tumor Center - https://youtu.be/I7XnqBMbDg0 Clinical trials are important for the advancement of care for patients with brain tumors. This video explains the different
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/research/research-terms/ Glossary of Research Terms | UC Brain Tumor Center - Basic scientist: a research scientist who works in a laboratory; sometimes referred to as a “bench researcher.” Blind, randomized clinical trial: a clinical
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/research/molecular-therapeutics-program/ Molecular Therapeutics Program | UC Brain Tumor Center - Researchers at the Brain Tumor Center Molecular Therapeutics Program seek to understand the biological mechanisms of cancer’s spread to the brain and to develop
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/patients/ For Patients and Caregivers | UC Brain Tumor Center - The UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center is known for the compassionate service it provides to patients and their
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/about-us/acuity-adjustable-unit/ Acuity-Adjustable Unit | UC Brain Tumor Center - The patient-friendly, family-focused acuity-adjustable unit adjusts the room to the needs of the patient.
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/patients/caregiver-tips/ Caregiver Tips | UC Brain Tumor Center - Kathy Beechem, a member of the Brain Tumor Center’s Community Advisory Board and the author of So Far So Good: a Memoir of a Brain Tumor Patient and His
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/patients/educational-video-library/ Educational Brain Tumor Video Library | UC Brain Tumor Center - A series of educational videos for patients and families affected by brain tumors.
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/category/hope-stories/ Hope Stories | UC Brain Tumor Center - Bob's experience tells us much about glioblastoma, clinical research and the factors that may play a role in cancer survival.
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/patients/overnight-accommodations/ Overnight Accommodations | UC Brain Tumor Center - The Patient Relations Department at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) provides information on overnight accommodations if you should need to
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/patients/resources-and-links/ Resources and Links | UC Brain Tumor Center - The UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute’s mission is to lead the advance in neurological care. We believe this mission will be achieved through collaboration and
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/patients/support-groups/ Support Groups | UC Brain Tumor Center - If you are attending a support group meeting for the first time, we recommend that you call ahead to confirm that no changes in the schedule have been made
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/physicians/ For Physicians | UC Brain Tumor Center - Referrals The UC Brain Tumor Center is a regional center of excellence that accepts referrals from around the United States and the world. To make a referral,
  • http://ucbraintumorcenter.com/giving-donations/ Giving & Donations | UC Brain Tumor Center - The Molecular Therapeutics Program, a translational, metastatic-specific research and patient care initiative, was established with the help of a generous

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