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  • Dutch J - Love this calendar

    Love this calendar. Very relaxing and I can leave it beside computer and see a week at a time. Bonus is the filling in the pictures with my gel pens.

  • Denise - Life-Changer! Treats many things

    After being on antibiotics a lot as a child, I developed many "issues" related to that; leaky gut syndrome, candida overgrowth, IBS symptoms, uvitis, etc.....I have been able to live a relatively normal life because I took my health into my own hands many years ago while in my early 20s and investigated ways to naturally treat my problems. One of my ongoing problems that has been greatly exacerbated by my age, has been insomnia. I am sleeping better since taking black seed oil than I ever have my whole adult life. I'm stunned. I've taken melatonin since age 23 (I'm 48 now) and I still suffered with insomnia problems until I started taking black seed oil. I sleep much deeper, don't wake up in the middle of the night constantly, and wake up much more refreshed. For me, this one thing alone would be worth the price of admission. However, all of the other remarkable health benefits are an added bonus. The other thing I've noticed immediately is the leveling of blood sugar levels; I'm actually rarely even hungry and have to make myself eat at times. I think this will help with some weight loss. Very excited about this product and have purchased a 32 oz bottle so I won't run out. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this oil. Thanks to the vendor for quick shipping.

  • DOUG MEIGS - penetrex works

    I bought this product with the notion that it would work like most products of this type, usually not at all. My son and I both tried it for the first time. Me on my shoulder, my son on his shins. When we got together we both noted a significant improvement. Actually, I don't even feel any pain right now. I woke up sore from golf, and put it on, a few hours later, no pain! Just day one, but I am very incouraged so far.