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  • Sergio Montiel - I have very thin hair and have lost a lot ...

    I have very thin hair and have lost a lot of hair in front, ever since I started to use, my hair looks full and can barely see boldness

  • Rockin Roller - A great blood purifier.

    Golden seal is great for monthly toxins removal to prevent build up. Air pollution makes this a must to remove toxins for your health. Golden Seal is also a must have if you are a smoker or around smokers or around other toxic fumes to protect your health from toxins. Even indoor air pollution puts toxins in your body.

  • Katherine Taylor-McBroom - Lifecell: Not worth the hassel

    I ordered this trial cream supposed to have instant results. I'm approaching 40 so I don't have hoards of wrinkles so I should have been able to notice some change. It's not instant. It actually never even happens. I didn't notice a thing. It just felt like nice lotion on my skin. I don't know what the hype is. I also was disappointed in the customer service end of this company. They held my account for the 189.00 charge even after their marketing says no money down. I got overdrafted one fee for this. So it's the old saying "nothing is for free" I've learned my lesson on these trial memberships. I'm sending this back, careful to make sure I've followed all their rules for returning. Hoping but not totalling trusting they won't debit me anyway. Don't try this product or trial membership. It is not worth the hassel. Micro crystals to reflect light? come on, can't believe I fell for that one!

  • kiacowho - Already helping my psoriasis

    I bought this at the recommendation of someone to help my psoriasis. Although I haven't seen the benefits to my scalp psoriasis yet, it has already cleared my elbows. I am very happy with this product!