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  • debwrightjones - I was disappointed with the game

    Shipping was efficient, and arrived in timely matter. I was disappointed with the game, as it didn't meet my expectations, but that is probably my fault for not reading product information as close as I should have.

  • Glocker - Good cover!!!

    This is a great cover for the Fire 7. The only reason I'm not giving it a full 5 stars is because the Amazon brand cover for the same tablet is a touch better in quality. But this thing is good and works well.

  • Amazon Customer - Non stain remover

    I dropped a Beta-Carotene liquid pill and accidentally stepped on it. I followed the directions explicitly including the suggestions on here. It didn`t even phase it. It`s still there. I tried See Spot Go and it didn`t go. I tried it on a spot where my cat threw up and it didn`t phase it either. You have to go over the spot 2 or 3 times. It also depends on the type of carpet-shag-long or short-berma-throw rug-etc-and the color. On some it`ll leave a residue. It will remove "some" cat vomit. Spot Chomp stain remover is highly rated. Think I`ll try it.

  • quickmatch - Great value!

    Pros- I bought this knife for the awl. So far the awl has met - and indeed exceeded - my expectations. It has made proper holes in everything I have awled so far. I would buy it again.

  • Blacksmith - Good but won't last long

    I bought this pair of shoes after hearing that they fit small. I went a whole size higher and they still fit a little too tight than I like. But I like the color. I did, however, play a game of basketball in the shoes and they wore the sole of the shoe more than I thought. I think it's a good looking shoe, but won't last long. I use the shoes for running and sports. I think I'll get only 3-6 months out of them.

  • kornkob95 - The perfect umbrella

    I have many great things to say about this umbrella! First off I love the handle on this. I took it inside the grocery store and was able to attach the handle on the cart without any worries that it would fall off. I also felt the handle was easier to hold on to then the more traditional type of handles. Secondly, we went to Chicago this weekend and had to use it. Everyone knows Chicago is the "Windy City" and it is true! This umbrella held up so nice in all the wind! I was really impressed. It is double layered so it is really well made too. It also comes with a case that has two handles. I loved this! You can put each handle around each arm and carry it like a backpack. This worked out great when I was carrying a lot of other items. And the best part of this umbrella is that it is Inverted. That means it folds the opposite way then other umbrellas. I found this easier to open and much easier to put it back in its bag. I am so happy with the purchase of this! I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.