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  • Philip - It gets the job done and the price is reasonable… But…

    Got the job done, and the installation was super easy. I didn't even need tools. I would have liked a more positive feel for the clamping action to they side rails. It seems like it wants to pop up a bit instead of a nice confident click or latch. Makes me a bit nervous, but it did get me from NY to GA with a large Thule on the roof, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

  • JEmi - Great deal for the price.

    Quick shipping. Good variety of useful phrases and vocabulary. Would have liked a little more practice with interactive lessons, but this is certainly a great deal for the price.

  • krakatoa - It is Vonnegut's exposition that you want and need to satisfy your craving to have an external perspective on our ...

    Hey! In this case, one-dimensional characters and a predictable plot are just what you want. It is Vonnegut's exposition that you want and need to satisfy your craving to have an external perspective on our socioeconomic constructs. It's short and sweet, enjoy!

  • Gary Woodsmith - Great performance/price ratio

    Installed this item on a Core i5 2500k and have been using it for some time now. After monitoring it's temps after several hours of Prime95 and other programs, I am very satisfied with this item. i purchased this for 36 dollars, at that price point it is one of the best heatsinks I have heard of. Consistently gets great reviews from professional sites, which is the main reason I bought it. Temps for my system was around 25-30celsius idle and 45-54c avg on full load with Arctic Silver 5 TIM. Temps were taken from program core temp v1.0.

  • edgar lozano - Milwaukees Best (Poo)

    WOW I always knew Milwaukee was full of it and now its on my lawn. Really greened up and thickened St Augustine within three weeks and choked out weeds. Dead spots are filling in nicely. Smells bad but works.

  • tdrbat - Good Value

    Be sure to test anything you order. I purchased 2 laser toners, but only 1 of them worked. If I had not tried them both I may not have known the defective one didn't work until after the return period expired. Luckily, I did and called customer support. They sent me a new one with a prepaid label to return the defective item. Great service.