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  • Kindle Customer - Cute

    I have bought over 20 items. The only issue I had was over a pair of boots that didn't come. They eventually refunded me and told me to keep them if they ever show. I also got a gift card for a shipment arriving late. I've learned that certain sellers are better than others. Most of what I invest in are tights leggings and accessories. The jewelry is custume but I expected that. The leggings can vary from seller to seller. I found some that were lovely and ordered 6 one of each color. A set of nail polish 12 in the pack for 16$ with $4 shipping included and received the package two days later. Nothing has come broken or torn. Everything Has fit. Ended up with two sweaters one better than the other. Yes the sizing is different. Most items are not meant for bigger people >.> maybe for the guys clothing ... yes, some things are undoubtedly knock offs but realistically if you can pull off wearing something cute that is a knock off then u can really rock with a lot from this site. Indeed do read the product and store reviews before you purchase. Not just look at the star ratings.

  • MonkeyDT - More energy and a mood lifter!!

    So I work nightshift and if anyone ever has before, you know how much it can wear on your body. I haven't been sleeping as well lately, have had trouble staying up at work, have trouble thinking and horrible brain fog, been down in the dumps, haven't had energy, started having a "lead weight" feeling all over my body, started hating my job and disliking people in general. Well, I knew something needed to change so I hit the internet and came across these. Before even knowing that it would help with brain fog I noticed on my own that I could think clearer! And now, after taking them for 2-3 weeks I have noticed a huge difference in my mood. I am happier, I have more enegry, and I can tolerate things better. I am able to get through a night now without nodding off! I notice I don't have to sleep all day anymore after working a night, and I have been able to work better on 6-7 hours of sleep. Whereas before, I could sleep for 10 hours and still be tired and then take a nap after that! I still have the lead weight feeling, but it isn't as bad as it used to be. Nightshift is hard on the body, and this has definitely helped a lot. I think if I were on a normal schedule, they would help with my brain fog even more! Also, I am taking 2 a day for a month and will decrease the dose when I think my body has a sufficient amount. I don't think they taste bad at all but they do take awhile to dissolve. I will also quit taking them for a week at one point to see how my mood is and to see if it is actually these that are helping or just pure coincidence. I will update when I do so.