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  • Brooklyn Reader - O'Neil's book provides a great leap forward in pulling back the veil and shedding ...

    What Dr. O'Neil has done here is demystify a very complicated set of models. This is not an academic book, but a populist book written for real, everyday people who actually suffer the consequences of WMDs. Dr. O'Neil's book provides a great leap forward in pulling back the veil and shedding light on what is too often MADE too complicated to consider and debate. This is a thoroughly readable and enjoyable book which begins the conversation at a different point. This is not an ending, but a beginning and I thank Dr. O'Neil for starting at a point that is relevant to me, personally. I strongly recommend it.

  • Tyler A. - Seems like a good product

    Update: Company reached out to me to send a new LED light. There customer service was incrediblely responsive and apologetic. Updating my review to reflect customer service. Still think this is a great item for someone looking to quickly whiten their teeth.

  • Andrew - another project ruined by duplicolor

    don't waste your money, buy something better. this junk, when it wasn't sputtering like a sprinkler on a front lawn, went on more of a runny brown than clear.

  • belljohnson - peachtree

    I loved the price and the free 30 day support I received with the product. I purchase it again from Amazone

  • J. Finan - pretty good for an inexpensive starter set

    I agree, these are the best Henckels I have seen, but they are an excellent value. I received them as a gift after I bought my first house 8 years ago. They are still sharp and show no real signs of wear. I think they are great for a starter knife set. Think about it, the whole set is only half of what good Henckel costs, and only a few dollars more than some cheap faberware or generic walmart set. well worth the money

  • Tawana Nicole - Knowing Where To Place Your Concentration

    If you have anxiety taking any type of test and would relax with a great study guide; helping you to prepare, than I suggest this one for the CDL test. It’s very thoroughly written and gives clear precise information that I found easy to retain based on how it is distributed. I really found the question and answer section very useful as it help me to pinpoint where I was weak at giving me the opportunity to go back and cover those areas some more. This is so much better than reading tons of notes over and over not knowing where to place your concentration; which cause the anxiety. I was provided a discounted item CDL Test Study Guide 2015-2016 during a promotion for testing and an honest unbiased review. No compensation for a positive review was provided or promised. All words contained here are based on my own experience of the item I received and used

  • Amber Anastasio - Axe Naturals Leaky Gut Repair

    This is a good product. Since I have an auto-immune disease and deal with leaky gut this product seems to help out.