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  • Nitrous McBread - I am typing this with my antennae

    Since buying this product from Amazon I am now invincible at croquet and can sing all of Andy Williams' songs (since 1974) at the same time. What's more, I'm able to change night into day with a small shake of my mandibles, and have just worked out how to make cheese on toast levitate. I would write more, but I'm needed in the ionosphere.

  • Vinyasi - Our Earthing Connection to Mother Nature

    I find the Earthing technology to be a great introduction to longitudinal circuits popularized by the likes of Eric Dollard and Nikola Tesla. They filter out current by using an "open circuit" pathway - namely, a straight line (not circular; nor "closed circuit") - for free electrons to migrate back and forth between our body and the Earth in a dynamic fashion statistically equalizing any voltage difference between these two bodies over time. Earthing creates a connection to all other life forms which are connected to Mother Earth. Unity among all of Earth's creatures is the result along with the general notion of connecting one's self to something greater than one's self, ie: the Earth.