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  • B. Pilibosian - JUNK

    We tested this unit prior to putting it to use in my shop and it failed miserably. It should register 1 or 2 lights meaning good, 3 or 4 meaning bad. We tested it with old dirty brake fluid and 4 lights lit up meaning it was bad.....then we tested brand new brake fluid that we opened just for the test and 3 lights lit up meaning it was also bad. We opened another new bottle of brake fluid and 3 more lights. Straight water gave us 4 lights. We read and followed the directions before use. Now I get to see how good Amazon is about returns.

  • E. Humble - Misleading picture

    We haven't used the product long enough to know if it will work, but this is a misleading picture. The box shows two different bottles, one oral and one topical, we received just one - not in a box.

  • Ethan J Lutz - Yum.

    The perfect attachment to keep your little fatso eating, even when you're trying to get excercise. If I could only attach one of these to the dashboard of my car, then I could never get away from the sweet, sweet indulgence that is food.

  • Ryan - Clean and Effective

    I haven't made a point of taking care of my skin over the years, and lately, I am noticing the effects of age on my face. I have been trying a few different eye creams and came across the BaeBody Eye Cream. It had a pretty intriguing list of claims and ingredients so I thought I’d give it a try. So far I have been using it for about 10 days or so and am able to provide a review of my experience.

  • BONIFIED - Perfect with Newspaper

    If you clean your class with this product and newspaper print, you have absolutely no streaking and perfect cleaning and no lint every time. This is the only product to use on household glass and automotive glass. Just make sure that you don't use paper towels or other products that can have chemicals or dies in them. Use news print. That is the secret the auto detailers use.