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  • Amazon Customer - I loved this book and cannot wait to continue this new ...

    I loved this book and cannot wait to continue this new series. I am an avid Shade follower and this series is very different from what Bella has done before. The series is called The Gender Game but it is nothing like the hunger games so please do not prejudge this book. I fell in love with Violet and Viggo and want to learn so much more from them. This story could very well be our future.

  • TKCP - Forget the graphics worthless!

    I used to have the Print Master series. I think Version 12 or 14 was the last one. It was great. All the graphics were loaded onto your computer. You could call them all up by typing in a topic in the search box. The later versions required you to go on line and search. Yuck. I was so disenchanted with everything that came out since from both Print Master and Print Artist. I saw this one, P.S. 24 Plat. saw that ALL GRAPHICS COULD BE LOADED ONTO THE COMPUTER FROM THE DISKS! Finally they got it right!