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  • anthony - Good upgrade for beginners/moderate players

    I don't know much about Tennis Racquets and/or Tennis Racquet Technology but this feels like a solid Racquet. I would say im above a beginner level player and This Racquet feels like anupgrade over other entry level racquets. very light and has a nice feel on good shots, mis hits are slightly more forgiving

  • Kelly M Adams - Great rechargeable light that you can use anywhere

    I love this light. I have purchased two of these light. They work so well, and the lights are really bright. I really like that the mount is magnetic, the other side is #m tape. You could stick these anywhere. I have used mine in the bathroom. You don't have to worry about being able to find the light at night. The motion sensor is 360 degrees, so it picks up movement easily. It also shuts off after about 3 seconds if there is no movement. This keep the battery from running down. There are several of these lights on the market, I like that this one is rechargeable. It uses a usb cord that it comes with to recharge. I would absolutely buy more of these. I'm thinking of putting them in the closets. I did receive this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • June Jackson - battery life is excellent

    I'm more than pleased with it. Setup is straightforward, battery life is excellent ( 7 hours talk time ), sound quality very good, bluetooth works at a reasonable distance and its comfortable to wear.

  • pinkrose37 - World war 1, battlefield 1

    I played the beta, and I've been playing this game. It's awesome, everything you would expect from battlefield plus the graphics are amazing. It's a battlefield that takes place in world War 1, and the weapons depict this well. THE sounds, greaphics, and game play are amazing

  • Jim Enzler - Not sure I can state significant difference taking these vitamins ...

    Not sure I can state significant difference taking these vitamins, but am relying on the testing data that says they are one of the top rated

  • J. Smith - headache saver

    Using QB Payroll saves me time and anxiety because the program is so easy to use and with the automatic updates I know the paperwork generated is compliant with the form's requirements, whether for state or federal. I have no need to research forms, percentages, or anything to complete the paperwork. Even in my very small business I'm glad to have it.

  • C. Schroeder - One of the best in the series!

    I absolutely loved this year's anthology of the "best of" short stories. I had all but given up on this series due to recent uprising of violent, shock-value, experimental and "magic realism" stories. It seemed there was just this trend to be weird and shocking just to get published/noticed. This year is a quieter bunch on some level and although many tend towards depressing or sad, gone is the extreme darkness and violence that plagued many short stories of the last couple of years. These are more about relationships, being different and the fears we have that we may never connect with other human beings. Jennifer Egan did a great job paring down to the final 20 and maybe it was criteria she used that I resonated with, but I thought her choices were interesting, exciting and brought a new spark to possibilities for the contemporary short story. I felt only two stories were mediocre, not memorable, but not horrible either ("The Breeze" by Joshua Ferris - not so much the subject matter and writing which were good, but the ridiculous choppy back/forth "what if" form, it was very done before and took a LOT away from just enjoying a story about a crumbling contemporary relationship; and "Next to Nothing" by Stephen O'Connor, simply because it was hard to believe. It was, however, a right chilling/spooky story). The remainders I would call 5-star. It was a pleasure to see some of the masters of the form, e.g., Charles Baxter, T.C Boyle, Joyce Carol Oates, but also wow, some of the newcomers were awesome ,e.g., Benjamin Nugent ("God"), Mollly McNett ("La Pulchra Nota") and Laura Van Den Berg ("Antarctica"). This book really brought back some great joy in not only reading fiction, but short stories. Highly recommended if you might like to try venturing into short stories, but especially if you already love them.