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APHM International Healthcare Conference and Exhibition 2016 - The Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia, APHM, is proud to support our nation's economic transformation agenda. From this year onwards, this annual conference & exhibition will showcase developments within the healthcare sector that contribute towards a healthy and productive nation, whilst also helping Malaysia achieve its 2020 targets. We are delighted to bring to you expert insights from the larger health eco-system - from clinical research to pharmaceuticals, from hospitals to health cities!

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  • Freddy Sextons - It might work, it might not work...

    This might have worked, or this might have not. It was p0430 code on my truck and it did pass inspection when 3 out of 4 obd2 reading cycles were completed.. 3 out of 4 reading cycles needed to pass the inspection, otherwise an automatic fail. After passing the inspection and the last remaining 4th sensor cycle completed, check engine light came back on.

  • S. Asdell - Inconsistent product. Very disappointed.

    I have bought two orders of this. The first jar I received the product was white white and I was happy with the smell and results. The second jar I just received the product was pearl beige, the smell was not as nice as the the other jar and the results have not been the same. Very disappointed. Needless to say I will not be buying anymore and will go with a better known product and will be sure to buy it from a reputable distributor.

  • William J. Williams Jr - The best battery box you can get.

    This product is better than expected.. I found the box lid and handle to be very sturdy and I expect this box to be around a long time after the bargain boxes are gone. The box flexed little with the weight of the battery Regarding the features: the carrying handle is quite useful and makes the box easy to carry; the LED voltmeter read battery level consistently; the usb port for telephone battery charging is quite useful and makes consistently good connections; the power point (cigarette lighter receptacle) is of full metal construction that makes good connection all of the time. There are cheaper boxes available but this one is the one you want!

  • sc00bydoo - Plug for batteries do not fit very snugly into charger so they fall out easy. It is a good deal for the batterys ...

    Works decent. Plug for batteries do not fit very snugly into charger so they fall out easy. It is a good deal for the batterys but I haven't been successful charing all the batteries at once.