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Expert eye surgery in Berkshire a centre of excellence in eye care - Mr Vaughan Tanner was appointed as Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon to The Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading and King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor in 2001. He leads a Berkshire wide vitreo-retinal surgical team, provides a micro incision cataract service and heads a general ophthalmic team providing care for acute and routine eye conditions

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    I have been using Longvida curcumin for a while now and recently switched to myodyne's because of the price point. Same ingredient as the others; works great as usual.

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    My baby has a bottom susceptible to bacteria rashes. We use dr smiths during the day, but at night we use this. It stays on thick and protects him very very well I don't have to worry and wake him up to change him in the night to avoid his rashes. If your baby gas a rash that won't go away after visiting the pediatrician or if it is reoccurring, go see a dermatologist! Mine gave me an inexpensive prescription cream and recommended triple paste.

  • August Baur - Bit of a tedious read, but if you hang in there you'll learn a lot

    Only read this because it was a requirement for a class...it can be a little slow and elementary, but maybe I only think that because I have an manufacturing and lean six sigma background so this stuff comes a little easier to me. The book does a great job of explaining some of the more complicated manufacturing pitfalls (lead time, process variation, bottlenecks) in lamens terms.