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... ask the Boogor Doctor ... - Integrative Holistic Approach to Caring for Children with Allergies, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Asthma, and Reflux

  • http://www.boogordoctor.com/about/ Russell Faust, MD, PhD, aka the booger doctor - Russell Faust is a pediatric oto-rhino-laryngologist (Ear, Nose & Throat specialist), or - as his patients call him - a booger doctor.

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  • socializedNerd - A true time saver

    The digital copy of this rules book makes the test and quick rule look up so much easier. I much prefer this to the physical book, I read it on my kindle and have it available on my phone. Being able to search a rule to show a coach after a game is awesome, and much quicker than trying to find the same rule in the hard copy.

  • Read Natick - Another hit

    This author never disappoints me. I laugh and I cry with the characters. After reading all the books I feel like I live in the 5th ward. Great job keeping your readers entertained and giving your readers their money's worth. The books are long and I didn't regret paying nearly $10 for this one. Can't wait for the next episode.

  • R.L. - Nothing but problems

    Nothing but problems with Adobe Creative Cloud. While they are very helpful, I have had the whole system crash and had to start completely over again. Now I can't get into the software half the time.

  • K. Bell - Ho-hum Fitness Experience

    I purchased this a while back hoping that it would have the same energy and enthusiasm I see on the real TV show with Jillian. Not so.

  • Mihin - Charges well, and very appealing to the eye.

    Meets expectstions. My phone gets hot but this is not the fault of the charger. It glows a really cool blue when u are connected but goes out in about ten seconds. I do wish I had control over the lights brightness but at least it goes out. It charges pretty fast too. The looks of it were not really a concern but it looks nice on my bedroom side bed table. It is about as big as coaster.

  • Lorraine - Numbers Missing

    I purchased this phone with a gift certificate and bought it "refurbished". The phone did not come with important numbers on it so that it could be transferred to a personal Boost Mobile account. Being low tech, this was my first smart phone, and not having required numbers contained inside the phone (behind the battery as instructed) was not a good experience. Additionally, the phone was dirty and dusty, which makes me wonder how well it was refurbished.

  • QA Tester - Yea...

    Sure the contents were a bit shaken up, sure it was a bit of a mess, but you know what? When this retard here forgets to close his sunroom right before a rain storm, and a cheap product like this is able to magically suck the moisture out of the whole car and NOT leave it smelling musty? You know what, you did a FINE job Mr. Damprid....