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  • AdventureRider45 - great cable,

    braided cable is more durable than any other rubber cable and last alot longer due to its braided wire. The braided cord design, is obviously not designed to look like the Apple cord, but I believe I am a fan of the braided better.

  • Roxanne Evans - Best hair/skin product EVER!

    No other hair product on earth is as good as Biosilk. It tames my wild curly hair like nothing else does, and it smells divine. I also use it on my skin after a shave and shower for the silkiest skin imaginable. I'm glad I found it on Amazon. It's unaffordable at my hair salon.

  • Robert S. Grossman - Just does not work well

    I purchased the NEAT scanner after hearing their radio ads. I finally set it up and gave it a shot. I do not recommend this device at all. The accuracy of their software is awful. First, I have to edit just about every document I scan in. It just seems that the software cannot recognize most documents. Second, it does not duplex documents. If you want to scan both sides you have to run the document through again. So you cannot scan a lot in at one time. Third, business cards really suck. Out of 40 cards I just scanned in as a test. The results were pretty bad. Just looking at the most basic simple cards, about 40% were unrecognizable and need to be completely entered manually. About 40% had multiple errors even with the most basic information like their name or state. The balance had slightly better results, but every card needs to be edited. Not a single card came in 100% accurate.

  • gramaejue - Quick shipping and tons of plates . So much cheaper than store .

    You want a boatload of nice paper plates you got em . Donated half to homeless shelter . Will do the same when we reorder . Same with paper towels . Pay it forward .

  • PryncesPhD - Liquid Gold

    This is the most amazing product in the world!!! I use this on more sensitive areas that tend to get a lot of razor bumps, which is unsightly in a swimsuit, if you ladies know what I mean. You don't need a lot of the liquid on a cotton ball to swipe over the area right after you shave (it does sting a bit at first, but you get used to it and it's not ungodly) and the bumps never show up. In the event a few of the bumps arise because your pants or whatever have chaffed on them, just use it again at night and they're gone by morning. I've never had to use it more than once a day and I don't typically use it for more than 2 or 3 days after I've shaved. It is the best thing on the planet next to being born body hairless.

  • ernie vallecx - not recommended

    I give it a 1 because it's a pretty good ihome but I have only had it plugged in for about 5 hours and the display just completely stopped working