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  • Joseph - It works great, but you must use DermMatch first as a ...

    It works great, but you must use DermMatch first as a base for astonishing results. First you put on DermMatch then Second you fill in with toppik for a full look Third you use hair spray to hold it all together. If you still need more then just add a little more toppik, it sticks great to the hair spray as well. The a little more hair spray. When you are finished you will look like you have a full head of hair. And it looks real to. Either one by itself doesn't work as good. If your only going to go with with then DermMatch is a little better. When you use DermMatch make sure you follow the instructions and tips. It's like make up for your head. After you use it you will get good at applying it. At first it seems a little hard to get the look you want. If I see spots That need more I apply a 2nd coat after the first coat dries. It makes it a little darker the 2nd time. then add toppik. the toppik gives you a 3 dimensional look.

  • Grandmere - May not be worth it

    This is a sturdy little toy and it seemed like a clever idea at the time I purchased it. However my 3 year old grandson was terribly dissappointed in it. He wanted a "real bicycle with pedals". Oh, well.

  • kellgei - Try something else

    Sorry to post a bad review. I only took the sample and my heart was racing all day and I couldn't sleep at night. Soooo I took the calming sample pill. Woah. I slept way late and have been groggy all day and have a migraine (I never get them) and feel super "off." This totally stressed out my system and not at all worth that. I'm all for vitamins and admit I'm pretty sensitive to things- including some herbs- but this stuff is horrible on your body. Better to be healthful about weight loss!

  • Amazon Customer - The devils work

    Lots of satisfying plot twists and I can't help but wonder if the authors love for the cure includes other bands from their genre? It would delight me to no end if he mentioned echo and the bunnymen in one of his novels.

  • Kindle Customer - Best Traveling Cup!

    This is the best Cup I've ever had! It's huge but fits in my car cup holder and didn't sweat at all. I had coffee in it out in the cold for about 5 hours and it stayed hot. That straw is perfect I appreciate them adding that to it.