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Clinic Sofia - A Clinic for Women by Women - Although we are teachers, nurturers, and confidants, we are first and foremost women who take the time to listen to your unique story. Learn more today.

  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/about-clinic-sofia/our-story/ Our Story - Clinic Sofia - The Story of Sofia Your clinic's name is inspired by the Greek goddess, Sophia, who symbolizes women's wisdom and nurturing. Sophia represents the insight
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/about-clinic-sofia/meet-the-team/ Meet the Team - Clinic Sofia - The Clinic Sofia team aims to give you a comfortable experience in each phase of life. Although we are teachers, nurturers, and confidants, we are first an
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/about-clinic-sofia/careers/ Careers - Clinic Sofia - Our mission is to provide full circle healthcare for women from their reproductive years through menopause and beyond. We aim to make each woman feel comfo
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/what-we-offer/obstetrics/ Obstetrics - Clinic Sofia - We are honored to be a part of the pregnancy journey for our patients and their families. Clinic Sofia offers full spectrum prenatal care including genetic
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/what-we-offer/gynecology/ Gynecology - Clinic Sofia - Women do incredible things in this world and we want to empower through exemplary healthcare. From your first annual exam in adolescence through menopause,
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/what-we-offer/family-planning/ Family Planning - Clinic Sofia - A woman’s sexuality is a very personal subject. Sofia encourages open, honest communication about fertility, contraception, and sterilization options. Prec
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/what-we-offer/fertility-treatment/ Fertility Treatment - Clinic Sofia - A number of factors affect how fertile you are. For some people, certain conditions in the body make it difficult to conceive. However, Clinic Sofia offers
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/what-we-offer/ultrasound/ Ultrasound - Clinic Sofia - Ultrasounds are an excellent tool to help your caregiver view the pelvic area. While they are a key part of monitoring your pregnancy, ultrasounds are also
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/what-we-offer/procedures/ Procedures - Clinic Sofia - Clinic Sofia currently provides several gynecological surgical procedures to accommodate your healthcare needs. Many of these are minimally invasive proced
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/patient-information/insurance/ Insurance - Clinic Sofia - Clinic Sofia participates in most major medical healthcare plans (except Minnesota Medical Assistance). Please check your individual policy to confirm that
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/patient-information/appointments/ Appointments - Clinic Sofia - How to Make an Appointment To make an appointment with Clinic Sofia, please call our main number at 952-922-7600. How to Prepare for Your Appointment Once
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/patient-information/policies/ Policies - Clinic Sofia - Financial Policy Sofia accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards. If you have a previous outstanding balance on your account, it will be collected at
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/patient-information/forms/ Forms - Clinic Sofia - Medical Records If you would like to have your medical records transferred to Clinic Sofia from another facility, you must contact that facility and sign a
  • http://www.clinicsofia.com/patient-information/patient-portal/ Patient Portal - Clinic Sofia - As a Clinic Sofia patient, you can visit your patient portal. It’s easy, secure and offers convenient access to your medical information. With your patient

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  • William King - Good Product BUT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!!!!

    Issues with 2004 Land Rover Discovery 4.6 (Best and Worst vehicle you can ever own) after doing the heads still had slight leakage, did heads again with full pressure test of everything (block/heads/etc) with nothing found, and did this as a last resort (most likely sleeves leaking which only answer is a new block $6k). This lasted about 10k miles which was great even took a couple 1k mile trips. BUT make sure you follow the directions...plan on a day to flush the system several time as this seems to be the key and I ran it for about a week in the system before going back to antifreeze. While it has just started using a slight amount again I'm sold on this and getting ready to use it again.....$60 vs $6k for new is worth a shot!! The Land Rover coolant system runs close to 20lbs pressure so I would think this would work even better on US vehicles that operate at almost half the pressure....

  • Anissa D. Sankey - The toe box is wider however still look nice

    It's true the toe box is wider but I am glad I stuck to my regular size cuz half a size would of been too small. This shoe is just made that way. Overall, this is a nice shoe.