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Community Care College in Tulsa, OK - Community Care College is a private, non-profit institution in Tulsa, OK offering a broad selection of programs from a variety of professional disciplines.

  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/accounting-specialist/ Accounting Specialist - Community Care College in Tulsa - Become an Accounting Specialist. Learn high-level accounting concepts and how to properly and efficiently manage financial records.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/business-administration/ Business Administration Degree at Community Care College in Tulsa - Get your degree in Business Administration. Learn basic business competencies that will enable you to succeed in diverse roles.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/dental-assisting/ Dental Assisting at Community Care College in Tulsa - Earn your diploma or degree in Dental Assisting. Learn dental health, laboratory procedures and engage in hands-on training.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/fitness-and-health-trainer/ Fitness and Health Trainer at Community Care College in Tulsa - Become a Fitness and Health Trainer. Get prepared for entry-level positions in the health and fitness industry.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/health-care-administration/ Health Care Administration at Community Care College in Tulsa - Get a degree in Health Care Administration.Gain knowledge of computer software applications, including electronic medical records.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/massage-therapist/ Massage Therapist at Community Care College - Tulsa, OK - Become a Medical Assistant. Learn techniques and principles of the human body through a variety of hands-on, skill-based courses.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/medical-assisting/ Learn Medical Assisting at Community Care College in Tulsa - We are the only Medical Assisting program in the Tulsa area whose graduates can sit for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) credential (AAMA Certificate).
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/medical-billing-coding/ Medical Billing & Coding at Community Care College in Tulsa - Get your degree in Medical Billing and Coding. Learn the skills required of a health information technician from the comfort of your home.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/paralegal-studies/ Paralegal Studies at Community Care College Online - Get your degree online in Paralegal Studies. Learn to assist lawyers in the non-litigation side of legal case work.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/pharmacy-technician/ Pharmacy Technician at Community Care College - Tulsa, OK - Pharmacy Technician courses cover a variety of topics from drug types and calculations to compounding.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/surgical-technology/ Surgical Technology at Community Care College - Tulsa, OK - Get a degree in Surgical Technology. Learn surgical skills, as well as laboratory procedures through hands-on training.
  • http://www.communitycarecollege.edu/programs/veterinary-assisting/ Veterinary Assisting at Community Care College - Tulsa, OK - Get a degree in Veterinary Assisting. Learn to work in all phases of animal care through hands-on training.

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  • Jack Straw - The Definitve CD version, 2012 remastered by Andrew Llloyd Webber...PHENOMENAL!!!

    Buy this CD! This is the original concept (not cast) recording. The movie version is very different, more Disneyfied, not as challenging, the original is a hard-hitting rock opera, the operative word here being "rock". It was a departure for Webber, and he went beyond the frontier with this back in 1970, pulled out all the stops and created a passion play for the rock generation. Ian Gillian, of Deep Purple, as Jesus, makes Ted Neeley of the movie seem like a neutered lamb in comparison. Some people want lambs, others lions. Ian Gillian is a lion, and Murray Head as Judas blows the doors off of any subsequent attempts. Yvonne Ellman, well, if you don't already know I can't help you, amazing. As far as the sound quality goes, this 2012 remaster is as close as you will ever get to the original vinyl (the brown box gold logo, remember?...) that first held you spellbound back in the early 1970's! This remaster was personally seen to by Andrew Lloyd Webber his very self, and one listen to the first few seconds of the work, that gut rumbling sinister satanic deep bass will prove beyond any doubt that this 2012 remastered version is far beyond any of the ultrabright and trebly hackjob analog to digital transfers to date. I just played them back to back this morning, the other CD versions, including the gold ultimate master, and the difference was UNREAL, made me immediately disgusted with the other CD versions. Thank you Mr. Webber, you almost got us back to the vinyl sound. Thanks thanks thanks. It may be possible that there is so much emotion on this record that it could be used as proof positive that something spiritual is indeed lost in analog to digital transfer... However, we do the best we can with what we have, and I think Webber did a fantastic job rescuing this jewel from the bowels of 16-bit CD format hell. All aside, THIS IS THE DEFINITIVE CD VERSION OF JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. If you are like me and you hang on every note of this rock opera, remember: 2012 Remaster, beware of any others.

  • Sequim girl - Saitek Panels

    I purchased 3 Saitek Panels; Pro Flight Multi Panel; Switch Panel; and the Radio Panel. They work really well for default aircraft and many payware aircraft add-ons. However, for the more complex aircraft like the PMDG 737, 777 and the Majestic Dash 8 many of the switches and Autopilot functions will not work. For these complex add-ons much of the functionality will not work due to the way those aircraft are programmed overriding many of the FSX commands. However, I found that the gear, flaps and CRS function will work on all aircraft I have tried them on. Some aircraft can take advantage of more than these basic functions.

  • Amazon Addict - Great protector - use in a well ventilated area

    Works well, helps clothes/fabrics repel stains and water. Treated a jacket with this and it all beads right off. Just remember to do it in a well-ventilated area because it stinks a bit and you can get light-headed. Also, do this in an area where you don't mind the overspray going onto the floor. It made my linoleum in the bathroom a bit slick for a while.

  • Amazon Customer - Great idea!!

    This is so much nicer to use than the kind you have to put across the Childs forehead. That wakes them up and if they have a temp and your taking it frequently they get a little irritated . Very happy with purchase!

  • Uncle Hog - so far so good

    I just got this in today and so far I'm happy with it. Put it on my upper arms...coarse hair prolly a 1/4" long. Left it on for 10 minutes and wiped it off. Very smooth. I did not get the "salon smell" or burning...maybe because the hair was shorter? Not sure. Anyway, we'll see how long it lasts....

  • Nadia F - Very good

    The sound quality on these headphones is pretty good. They have a good amount of bass. The headphones are really comfortable and feel very soft. The ear hooks keep the headphones from falling off your ears when exercising. I have done some running with them and they have never fallen off. They are very light weight which also makes them very good for exercising. The box comes with a carrying case, which i have found very handy. The case looks good and has a compartment inside for the ear tips. Bluetooth pairing was really fast and easy and the range on these is as advertised. The volume and power buttons are pretty easy to use while wearing the headphones. The noise cancellation is very good and allows yo to play music at really low volumes and still hear it clearly. The battery life on these is excellent, and they come with some charge out of the box so you can start using them right away. They also charge pretty fast. These headphones look good and are an overall great product.