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Delivery Science | Hot Melt Extrusion for Drug/Polymer Blends - Foster was founded in 1989 to serve the specialty polymer blending requirements for newly emerging minimally invasive medical device companies.

  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/contract-research-and-development Contract Research and Development | Delivery Science - Pre-Formulation Studies Rapid screening studies Proof of Concept (PoC) studies Excipient compatibility studies Solid and Liquid State Solubility Screening Solid Dispersions Surfactant and co-solvent screenings Analytical characterization of solid dispersions including kinetic solubility and dissolution rate.
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/custom-shaping-0 Custom Shaping | Delivery Science - Melt extrusion can be used as a process for the manufacture of many dosage forms. Foster’s inventory of downstream processing equipment is available to manufacture traditional and customized shapes.
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/analytical-testing Analytical Testing | Delivery Science - Foster offers a full suite of cGMP analytical characterization services to support proof of concept, formulation development, clinical trial materials and commercial manufacturing. Our cGMP analytical services are available for existing clients as well as stand-alone studies.  
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/project-management Project Management | Delivery Science - Foster Delivery Science provides project management services for the successful execution of drug development programs.
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/explanation-process Explanation of Process | Delivery Science - Recent advances in drug discovery have led to an increase in the number of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are poorly water soluble (PWS). These PWS drugs cannot be formulated using traditional methods. Hot melt extrusion is emerging as a leading technology for increasing drug solubility and enhancing bioavailability.
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/benefits-hot-melt-extrusion Benefits of Hot Melt Extrusion | Delivery Science - Hot melt extrusion offers several advantages over traditional processing techniques, which make it an attractive alternative for drug development programs. These advantages include enhanced bioavailability, lower doses, and reduced production costs. Additional advantages of hot melt extrusion processing include:  
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/polymers-excipients Polymers & Excipients | Delivery Science - Foster Delivery Science has experience with new and existing polymers and excipients used for pharmaceutical applications. Common polymers used for drug delivery applications include:
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/application-segments Application Segments | Delivery Science - Foster Delivery Science is a contract research and manufacturing firm specializing in hot melt extrusion of active pharmaceutical ingredients and polymers for highly regulated applications including pharmaceuticals and implantable drug/device combination products. Foster’s inventory of downstream processing equipment is specifically designed for the manufacturing of customized delivery forms including: pellets, tablets, transdermal & transmucosal films, monofilaments, bioresorbable implants as well as drug eluting devices.
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/literature Literature | Delivery Science - Foster Delivery Science Brochures cGMP Clinical Supply & Commercial Manufacturing Services cGMP Analytical Services Implantable Polymers Brochure
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/careers Careers | Delivery Science - Employment Opportunities Foster Corporation is currently hiring for the following positions. If you are interested in applying for an open position, please submit your resume to human resources.  
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/about-foster About Foster | Delivery Science - Foster Corporation was founded in 1989 to serve the specialty polymer requirements of newly emerging medical device companies. Since inception, Foster has become a leader in custom blending and extrusion of biomedical polymers and addtives.
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/our-facility Our Facility | Delivery Science - Foster Delivery Science operates out of two facilities in the U.S. Our original facility is located with the Foster Corporation headquarters in Putnam, CT and is 6,000 square feet (5557m2) in size, containing one cGMP suite and a process development laboratory. This original facility is ISO 13485: 2003 and ISO 9001: 2008 certified, registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has a research license with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, Schedule II-V).
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/quality-certifications Quality Certifications | Delivery Science - At Foster, we believe that drug product development and manufacturing begins with a total commitment to quality. Our quality and regulatory systems represent our commitment to every phase of our business. Quality Assurance is a key element but is only part of the commitment. This commitment is a foundation in our corporate culture and demands quality in every service we offer and every system our business is built on.
  • http://www.deliveryscience.com/content/foamed-hot-melt-extrusion-solid-molecular-dispersions Foamed Hot Melt Extrusion for Solid Molecular Dispersions | Delivery Science - A significant number of new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are poorly water soluble and cannot be formulated and processed with traditional aqueous methods. Hot melt extrusion (HME) has become an effective solubilization tool in improving the dissolution rate of poorly water soluble drugs to enhance their bioavailability after oral administration1. These crystalline hydrophobic drugs can be dispersed in hydrophilic polymers using HME to manufacture amorphous solid dispersions.

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