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Urologist New Jersey - Ronald G. Frank, M.D. - New Jersey Urologist Dr. Ronald Frank specializes in treating urologic cancer, stone disease, sexual dysfunction, prostate enlargement and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/meet.html Dr. Ronald Frank, Urologist in New Jersey - Dr. Ronald Frank is an experienced Urologist at Saint Barnabas Medical Center (Barnabas Health). Treatments include vasectomy, prostate surgery, kidney stones and urinary tract infections treatments, and genital warts vaccine.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/our-office.html Our Office - West Orange, NJ - A full range of urologic procedures and laboratory testing are performed in our New Jersey office, fully equipped with state of the art urologic equipment.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/hematuria.html Hematuria (Blood in the urine) Treatment in New Jersey - Dr. Frank can diagnose the causes and origins for blood in the urine in his New Jersey urologic practice.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/urologicinfections.html Urology Problems Treatment NJ | Urinary Tract Infections - Dr. Frank can identify possible causes and determine the proper antibiotic for the treatment of treatment for urinary problems in his New Jersey practice.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/benignprostate.html Benign Prostate enlargement | Hyperplasia, Hypertrophy treatment NJ - Benign prostatic hyperplasia or hypertrophy can be treated in Dr. Frank's New Jersey office. Treatment options include medications, surgery and non-invasive procedures such as the Greenlight laser photoselective vaporization of the prostate (PVP)
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/prostatecancer.html Prostate Cancer NJ | Adenocarcinoma New Jersey - Treatments for prostate cancer include radiation, prostate Seed Implants- (Brachytherapy) and surgical approaches. If you have an Elevated PSA (PSA over 4), there's a new test - PCA3PLUS.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/bladdercancer.html Bladder Cancer Treatment NJ | Diagnosis and Symptoms New Jersey - Dr. Frank diagnoses and treats bladder cancer in his New Jersey practice. Diagnosis methods include bladder ultrasound, cystoscopy with biopsy and radiologic imaging.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/kidneycancer.html Kidney Cancer Treatment in NJ - Dr. Frank treats renal cell carcinoma and other types of kidney cancer in his New Jersey urologic facility.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/testicularcancer.html Testicular Cancer Treatment New Jersey | Testicular Lump Diagnostics - Testicular cancer can be diagnosed by physical examination, ultrasound, blood tumor markers and treated by radiation, chemotherapy and surgery in our NJ office.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/hydronephrosis.html Hydronephrosis Treatment New Jersey | Swelling of the Kidney NJ - Dr. Frank treats hydronephrosis (swelling of the kidney) in his NJ office. Obstruction can be relieved by placing a ureteral stent usually made of silicone or polymers.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/erectiledysfunction.html Erectile Dysfunction NJ - Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be managed with a wide array of FDA approced medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis in New Jersey.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/bladderdysfunction.html Bladder Dysfunction Treatment New Jersey | Urinary Frequency NJ - Oral medications and bi-weekly transdermal skin patch can be used to treat Bladder Dysfunction and Urinary Frequency in NJ.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/vasectomy.html No-Scalpel Vasectomy NJ | Permanent Contraception New Jersey - Dr. Frank performs No-Scalpel Vasectomy in his NJ practice. Vasectomy is a safe and effective procedure performed in-office in West Orange, Short Hills, Millburn, South Orange, Florham Park, Manhattan and Essex County.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/greenlight.html Green Light PVP Laser New Jersey | Green Light Laser NJ - Dr. Ronald Frank, urologist New Jersey, provides vasectomy new jersey, no scalpel vasectomy new jersey, non scalpel vasectomy new jersey, greenlight laser new jersey, prostate enlargement, BPH, benign prostate hypertrophy, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction new jersey, urinary tract infections, UTI
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/cystoscopy.html Cystoscopy in New Jersey - Lesions in the bladder can be biopsied and fulgurated, stones can be crushed and ureteral stents inserted or removed via the cystoscope in our NJ practice.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/ureteroscopy.html Ureteroscopy in NJ - Dr. Frank uses Ureteroscopy method to evaluate unexplained bleeding from the ureter or kidney in his New Jersey practice.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/holmiumlaser.html Holmium Laser NJ - New Jersey urologist Dr. Ronald Frank uses Holmium Laser lithotripsy to fragment stones located in the bladder, ureter or kidney.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/lithotripsy.html Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy NJ | ESWL New Jersey - Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is used to break up the kidney and ureteral stones in NJ.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/ultrasoundbiopsy.html Transrectal Ultrasound NJ | Prostate Biopsy New Jersey - Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) and Prostate Biopsy are available in Dr. Frank's NJ practice. The prostate biopsies are examined by pathologists at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/lap-a-ros-co-py.html Laparoscopy - We use Laparoscopic approaches for the treatment of selected urologic cancers and congenital abnormalities in our New Jersey office.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/brachytherapy.html Brachytherapy NJ | Prostate Seed Implant New Jersey - Prostate Seed Implant procedure is performed by the radiation oncologist and urologist in our NJ office.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/inpatient.html In-Office Procedures - Our in-office procedures include non-scalpel vasectomy, cystoscopy with fulguration of bladder tumors, prostate biopsy, stent removal, excision of skin lesions and other minor procedures.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/menshealth.html Men's Health New Jersey - Dr. Ronald Frank, urologist New Jersey, provides vasectomy new jersey, no scalpel vasectomy new jersey, non scalpel vasectomy new jersey, greenlight laser new jersey, prostate enlargement, BPH, benign prostate hypertrophy, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction new jersey, urinary tract infections, UTI.
  • http://www.drronaldfrank.com/hpv.html HPV Treatment New Jersey | Gardasil Vaccine NJ - Gardasil vaccine is available in our New Jersey office. It is indicated for the prevention of genital warts (condyloma acuminata) caused by HPV types 6 and 11.

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