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  • meganator - battery opperated selfie helper

    This awesome little phone accessory is so fun and it actually works! I was skeptical that it would make any sort of difference but it defiantly does. I got this for my daughters Iphone 5, It fit well and stayed in place. It works like a chip clip, its hinged and you pinch the top and slide it onto your phone.It requires 2 AAA batteries which aren't included. I was lucky enough to recieve a discount on this item in return for an honest and unbiased review. If you found this review helpful, pleases click below

  • ShoeHobby - Great plumper

    This is the most effective plumper gloss I've used. It's a strong sting - but the good kind that you can feel working!

  • Andres Castro - Good product

    My wife really likes this brand of cosmetic products. It is really great for reducing stretch marks and preventingthe way they look. The smell isn't that great, and the consistency of the cream is not so liquid: people seem to like it like that, but unless you are an expert applying cream to large portions of your body, it means that you need to use more of it. Skin seems to absorbe it really well, though.

  • John P. - Still not compatible with windows7 or office 2010

    I just got done spending an hour with tech support for intuit trying to resolve the issues that I've been having. I've been patiently waiting to upgrade QuickBooks to version 2011 to resolve the issues I've been experiencing. The conclusion is that QuickBooks is not in some fashion compatible with widows 7 64 bit and office 2010 64 bit. Seems very interesting that the resolution to my problems is to downgrade to 32 bit versions of both. I know that I am not the only person with 64 bit versions of office and windows. It seems to me that a logical choice for a business investing in new hardware would purchase windows 7 64bit with office 2010 64bit. Intuit's own software compatibility states that QuickBooks pro 2011 is compatible with Excel 2010 where it is obviously not. I have display issues with QuickBooks (Words extending out of the text boxes and weird scroll bars in the middle of the screen), blank error messages (Can't figure that one out. A little hard to diagnose without a code of some kind), and incompatibility with excel issues (Can't export quarterly reports to excel). These are the exact same issues that I had with my previous version of QuickBooks. Nothing has been fixed. This was a total waste of my money.

  • Karen MB - Great Product

    Nature's Way is GREAT and they make very good Holy Basil. I received my order of Holy Basil quickly and in great shape. Thank you so very much for the great job yet again for filling my order. Holy Basil is a very important additive for my daughters health. Holy Basil helps my sweet girl with her terrible cronic Migraines.