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  • RitaD - Outstanding

    I heard a few of their songs on the radio and bought the music on Amazon. Perfect blend of rock and metal. What an incredible voice she has! Keep the great music coming! I have told others about this band and love it when they call me with their rave reviews.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing! It works!

    My vet told me my dog needed extractions and a cleaning. I am not fond of these cleanings. They cost over $600 (at least) and the dog has to go under anesthesia. I had not been diligent about brushing my dog's teeth (but I am sure am now!) so a lot of tarter was built up along the back teeth and molars. His front teeth were pretty good except one was yellow. I feed a mostly raw diet and I can say that helps A LOT. BUT he still needs his teeth brushed. His breath had become WICKED! Just disgusting! You could smell his breath from across the room. I was starting to actually not like my dog because he was so smelly and gross. Something had to change. My mom mentioned she used this. Me being a "crunchy mom" immediately thought- no way, I'm not putting a bunch of chemicals into my dog's mouth! BUT then I read the ingredients and googled each one. Satisfied I'm not poisoning my dog, I purchased and started using it. We are about 2 weeks into applications now and I can see a noticeable difference. The back teeth are still yellow so I'm hoping by day #30 they get better. The best part is his breath no longer smells like death. I can actually hug and pick him up again. I remember smelling his puppy breath when I first got him. It was so cute. It's almost like that again! I do also brush his teeth now DAILY and I put the water additive (also sold by this same brand) into his water. I'm giving him the dental chews (bought another brand) as well but he's not into those so much. All in all, I am just SO happy that this stuff works! It literally made me love my once stinky dog again! My dog, by the way, is six years old and is a "shi-poo".

  • Larry Williams - A must have for any Vegas trip!

    Great information, if you need it, pays for itself many times over with dozens of useful coupons, good all over the country, but the majority for Vegas, and good for the whole year. I but at least one for every trip I take to Vegas.

  • PrimingBySue - Lasts for ages - our kid will be in it until age 5 at this rate

    We purchased this seat when our 12month old outgrew his first car seat so I cannot comment on the infant adaptor or use for a small infant. I went with this because I lived for 6 years in Germany and Maxi Cosi is THE brand there for car seats and safety features. I must say, we have since had him in other car seats and this is by far the most comfy and practical, albeit somewhat bulky. We had it rear facing at first and it was really easy to install both ways. The cupholder is a plus since he likes to drink and snack in the car. The headrest with side pads is height adjustable with a quick click lever behind that allows you to set it higher or lower, and 'grows' with him. It is easy to tighten the straps by pulling the strap at the front, though releasing is a little more tedious (the release latch is underneath the cover and you have to fiddle a little to push it down properly at the front of the seat). What could be better: He has had one or two 'major incidents' (puke or other things) all over and it was quite an act to take the cover off for a thorough wash though I do have to say that it is still a lot simpler than the more straightforward looking infant seat we have which is a feat. The Walnut brown is a nice color, though does show liquid stains a little and as mentioned is not the easiest to launder. The nooks and crannies in the plastic base are also difficult to clean out. However, wiping down small spills is easy. Also, the tipping or reclining feature really does not make much of a difference in terms of angle - it only adjust a little once fitted properly and securely. Overall my little guy loves the seat though (and that is an achievement - since he hates being restrained, period.) It is very comfy but quite bulky - if you had two of these in a normal sedan there is no way a person would fit in between. We have it in our Prius 2007 and it fits just fine with enough room all around. Would buy again in a heartbeat - even at this price point.

  • Mena - I would not recommend Freedom Pop to anyone, coz they have outrange and unnotified charges!!!!!

    I got this unit directly from freedom pop in July 2014 as a trail to replace my current Wifi service. End up I am paying $104 on the first month (within the free trial period). Regardless the device $46.00 wasn't count, the $104 was only the data service fee itself which is less than a month used.

  • Amazon Customer - Plannned obsolescence

    This is the third of these devices that I have purchased. After a period of approximately 2-3 years I don't keep records), the tubing breaks and the water sprays the room. If this weren't the "only game in town", I'd be happy to find a vendor that makes a device that lasts. I suppose this is an excellent example of American capitalism requiring repeat consumer spending for the same thing over and over.

  • arwen - I love my counter and yes you do need to wipe ...

    I used this product on my kitchen counter four years ago. It was a scary thing to attempt to be honest. My husband wouldn't even stay in the room. My daughter and I did it together, she followed me with one of the the pigment colors. If I put too much color down she would soften it a bit with her color. I love my counter and yes you do need to wipe up water and be careful to protect it. In the long run it is worth the extra care because it just looks beautiful. People come in and always think I have granite counters. Mine has been used for four years! I have some slight problems with the edge where I do most of my prep work,but nothing a Sharpie won't cover up. Take a chance on this product, it is inexpensive but when you follow the instructions correctly, take your time, you will love it. I get up everyday, make my tea knowing that my now off at college daughter and I worked together and made something so beautiful. Take a shot at it.