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Fundación Fernando Pombo - La Fundación Fernando Pombo nace para desarrollar la Responsabilidad Social de la Abogacía y actuar en defensa del Estado de Derecho y los Derechos Humanos

  • http://www.fundacionpombo.org/origen/ Origen de la Fundación Pombo - La Fundación Fernando Pombo nace con el objetivo de salvaguardar y promover los derechos humanos y valores como la igualdad y la solidaridad.

    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • desiem - Not Too Sure About This

    Been using for six months. Had stomach issues with it at first, which subsided when I reduced the dose to once a day instead of twice. Have to say that I've noticed only minor improvement as far as my ongoing shedding problem is concerned, and I can't really attribute what improvement there has been to this product alone, as I eat well and also take other skin/hair vitamins. Will finish the present box as the product is so expensive, but won't be ordering again.

  • Paul T. Baumgartner - Works great

    easy to install and fits perfectly. It matches the pre drilled holes, its a great prodect. Would recommend it to everyone


    My husband and I were happy with the NoseFreida until we decided to give the Baby Vac a try. In fact, it just arrived today. And, my son just happens to have a cold. I threw the NoseFreida away an hour ago.

  • Sandra - Great story

    Hale and Luke, red riding hood and a lone wolf. Meant to be together or apart? And there is the big bad wolf to complicate everything.

  • Amazon FL Guy - Not really as it appears

    I've been using this 6 weeks while on a rigorous cardio and diet plan. As the time has progressed, I've had to keep increasing the power. I'm up to 99 and it basically feels like what 50 felt when beginning with this unit. The range of the power is 1-99. So it simply won't go higher. I can't feel anything at all until at least hitting about 11 or 12. And even then, it's barely noticeable.

  • NoPushover - One Non-Egghead's Two Cents

    I may not be "smart" nor eloquent enough to comment on Cathy's book, but here I go anyway...