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GET HEALTHY: Brooksville, Inverness, Spring Hill Natural Foods - At Get in-Get Healthy we offer organic everything, from produce to bulk grains. We feature quality vitamins and supplements, personal care products, even natural pet care products.

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  • Programming Kat - Make sure it's a Genuine MS version

    This one star rating is NOT a rating for the product, but it why the product couldn't be activated. I purchased it from a third party and received a thumb drive while the product key was in a folder ON the thumb drive. Microsoft displayed the product as fraudulent [which put me in a very tight spot legally]; MS and Amazon were great! MS got that I wasn't trying to pirate their software and Amazon returned all my money. This purchased just reinforced the adage: If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Angwooley - It Works!

    We bought our first house a little over a month ago. Before moving in we noticed a lot of dead roaches near our water heater in the crawl space of the house and we had it exterminated. We then started noticing the roaches popping up dead around the house. Then, they started coming around alive and well. They are the huge "water bug" type roaches and they were in our bedrooms and kitchen. We had the exterminator back out. Things were fine until two weeks later, when they came back alive again! Someone told me about Bengal spray and after reading all of the good reviews, I tried it. I sprayed along all of the cracks, doorways, windows, and as much of the crawl space that I could. It's been three weeks, and I've only seen one since (it was dying). I think it is a good idea to re-treat with the spray if you have an infestation, because they are so hard to get rid of. Overall, it works!