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  • M Peters - I have used this book for years.

    I buy each edition every year and find new ways to save on my taxes. Great ideas, great book, and I have naver had an audit.

  • Seattleboatguy - My Garmin does not do a good job here

    The DeLorme 2014 Street Atlas is a bit primitive when compared to google maps, and I would not use it in place of my Garmin gps when it comes to en-route turn-by-turn directions, but this map package does have its advantages. For one thing, google maps is worthless if you are in an area without internet access. I think the situation where DeLorme shines the brightest is when you need detailed map data for a relatively large area. My Garmin does not do a good job here, and I assume the Garmin designers were reluctant to clutter up the small map display screen with too much data. But, with the DeLorme software, you have a nice big computer screen, so you have the necessary screen real estate to see a lot of detail for a relatively large area. I also like the optional GPS USB gizmo, which has so far worked okay on my Windows 8 laptop.

  • Aleksandr Shik - Be careful

    This "version" does NOT include State Tax Return. So, actually, it is BASIC version. Don't be fooled up as I've been.

  • penname - I was cheated

    I encourage all of you that have been robbed (literally) by the Pimsleur people via your Credit Cards to also post your reviews on the other Pimsleur foreign language review pages here (French, German, etc). Pimsleur's dark methods are despicable and Amazon should not host them here.

  • Jeff - I like them

    I think this shoe is a great improvement over the GT-2000. The latter has a Solelyte midsole and I could not run in it. It didn't provide enough support and I got calf cramps only fifteen minutes into a run. The GT-3000 has a different midsole and is a beefier, stiffer, and heavier shoe, which is what I need. I am very rough on shoes, run on the roads, have nearly 200 miles on this pair, and have had no problems with them whatsoever.

  • michael j rivera - Let there be light!

    Totally satisfied with these. Item arrived in two days exactly as advertised. I put out to charge for a full day and at night they all popped on beautifully. These are a bit stronger (brighter) then others I have bought before but still in the "accent" light realm. I love the fact of the lifetime guarantee and have even received email directly from seller reminding me of the warranty if I ever have an issue. All the other Solar light I purchased have all just stopped working after about 1 year.

  • Michael van Vuuren - Meh and it smells lovely....I mean if you are a walrus it smells nice.

    It doesn't work versus rats. It does work versus mice, geese, raccoons, and skunks not that I am getting close enough to verify the last one. Let me clarify on this, it smells like it's going to work but unless you want your house to smell like slightly over potpourri-ed spice concoction I suspect burning the house down will work better than fumigating it with this stuff. Although I noticed less bugs...I mean I didn't have a bug problem before so - never mind on that.I had pretty high expectations, especially given the recommendations and the whole epa approval stuff. I mean we are talking about a rat here, a big furry nightmare who love birdseed and ignores rat poison and peanut butter, so I guess I will not have mice, but that may be because the rat ate them...