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KarenHurd.com - The purpose of this website is to help individuals know how to heal themselves through nutrition. I have worked for many years with people who are hurting. It grieves me to see the suffering that people go through. So much of the suffering is needless. The vast majority of the health problems that we face are unnecessary and can be resolved with little to no invasive procedures. What the average person lacks is knowledge when it comes to the health of the body, especially in using nutrition to achieve and maintain that health. It is this lack of knowledge that brings fear and poor decision-making when we are faced with a health problem. On this website, I will bring to you knowledge. I present it in a format that is easily understood and interesting—at least I think it's interesting! The information that you find here is backed by my many years of clinical experience as well as scientific data.

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  • Bekah W. - These are a lot thinner then I was expecting. ...

    These are a lot thinner then I was expecting. Also, they are not the size of other cookie sheets so the silpats do not work with them. I kept them anyway, but do wish they were the same size as I'm used to.

  • Beverly - Not as good as I'd thought...

    Hubby's been taking it for almost 20 days, and the results have not been very noticeable. He'd tried Nopalea (in the past) for only about a week with great results. It really eased a lot of his pain from two prior back surgeries and an overgrowth of tissue and scars around the area operated in his lower lumbar area. We're sticking to Nopalea!

  • Erica - takes some getting use to

    It takes practice to get this right but you get it its a great product and I think that really anybody can use this product

  • Colin Povey - A decent program, updated for Win 7

    I have used multiple versions of Publisher for well over two decades. And this is essentially is the same product, updated for Windows 7.

  • Ivan - Looks great.but...

    This antenna works fine and looks great. Installing this could not have been easier, you literally unscrew the original and screw this one in. I would have given this five stars except that some of the weaker stations that used to sound ok with the original antenna now have a little static.