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  • Paddles - Bananas and Naval Aviators

    I just want to know why Amazon says that everyone that viewed this book also viewed the Bananahandle Gripper and the Banana Bunker, which by the way are sweet products.

  • Julie A. Vogel - Works great! So easy to install and the reception is ...

    Works great! So easy to install and the reception is the same. It's really tiny. Now my car fits in my garage. Thank you!

  • bbob - Protect your equipment, completely

    Excellent unit. I have cyberpower units on all of my electronics. This unit handles my led lcd tv, dish box and sound bar with ease. We have numerous power surges and short interruptions in power here, so these units protect all of my equipment. If you dont use a ups on your expensive equipment, you may regret it as just using surge protectors will not protect from over and under voltage and other problems.

  • Jeff Martin - great golf club set

    Great price on these clubs. Its a great brand for this price. Great quality set of clubs. I owned a identical set and played a very mean game.

  • Katherine Izquierdo - Excelente

    El paquete llego en el tiempo indicado, y en perfectas condiciones, el producto es de calidad. Recomiendo a este vendedor!.

  • Philly Filly - Avoid the frustration free packaging version

    Avoid the frustration free packaging version this product -- it can cause lots of frustration. The frustration free version comes with a 6L starter carbonator that you are supposed to be able to exchange for a full size 60L carbonator for free. I was able to do this exchange at my local Staples store for a $14.99 fee. You have to send the exchange fee receipt along with a rebate form to SodaStream to be reimbursed. After waiting several weeks, the rebate center informed me my application was denied because Staples had given me a receipt that did not include the date. This was plenty frustrating and could have been avoided by buying the regular packaging version that comes with a 60L carbonator. Other than this rebate wrangling, I am very happy with this model and use it all the time.

  • Christina Hunter - Random Strangers compliment me on my hair!

    I've been using this for just over a month and I have already noticed a difference in my hair. I have very fine, naturally wavy/curly hair and my hair was always oily and I had a dandruff problem which meant daily washing. After using this product (cleanser and conditioner "scalp therapy") I have noticed that my hair is not nearly as oily as before, even when I go a day without washing it (which used to make my hair look like I poured oil on my head) and my dandruff is almost completely non-existent.