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Manus Aktteva, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients,Rawmaterials,advance intermediates,Nutraceuticals,Specialty Chemicals, Biotechnology, Drug Master File, DMF, manufacturers, suppliers, India, China - Manus Aktteva, An ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization, is a well informed, highly efficient and swiftly functioning competitive sourcing entity.

  • http://www.manusaktteva.in/contactus.html Manus Aktteva, India, Udeet J Banker, Udeet, Dr.J.Banker, Dr.Banker, dr banker, udeet banker,Gujarat,Ahmedabad,India, logistics - M A N U S A K T T E V A is placed in the loveliest city of Gujarat by name Ahmedabad which happens to be the largest city in the state of Gujarat and the seventh-largest urban agglomeration in India.

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  • Original Country Girl - The product is fairly good, customer service is AWFUL

    The anti-virus itself is fairly good. It has been reliable, and I've not experienced issues with my computer with it thus far. However, heaven forbid you ever need their customer service for anything because they are AWFUL. I have never dealt with such incompetence! They pass you from one person to the other, each claiming that "their department doesn't fix that but this NEXT one does" and then the next one has no clue and passes you on again.

  • Susan Boyer - Amazingly effective

    I'm not one to write reviews, but this product worked within two hours. It was nearly a miracle. Without getting too personal, I was struggling with menorrhagia lasting more than 20 days. The progesterone and vitamin k in this product was exactly what I needed and it worked. Highly recommended to anyone with same issue.

  • J Conley - The mask itself is this really beautiful cotton thing that just sticks to your face like ...

    as soon as I received the package, I looked at the box and it is fancy! Most of it is in asian writing but I know how sheet masks work. Let me just say, this is no ordinary mask. The mask itself is this really beautiful cotton thing that just sticks to your face like no other. i am not kidding. this thing is like your second skin. i just walk around the house with it on and it never falls off, even when it's almost dry! it's worth the money folks! no joke!

  • nathan - No gimmicks

    This mouse is definitely a crowd pleaser. It fixes just about all of the issues people had with the original Finalmouse. It's got a much much more structured build quality feeling despite being marginally larger. It's kind of strange seeing how small the difference the size is, while it feels totally different due to the new shape. The clicks on the mouse are every so slightly firmer as well, when compared to the Classic ERGO, but still have that crispy satisfying clicks Finalmouse is known for, just slightly firmer. Most importantly, what Finalmouse is highly regarded for is their sensor implementation. TOP NOTCH HERE.

  • zpicard - Not very good

    Not user friendly, and missing a lot of features that the Windows equivalent has. Much better off using the Apple iWorks programs. (Pages, Numbers, Keynotes)