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Online Career Certification and Training with Medcerts - MyCAA approved comprehensive online healthcare and IT career training for military spouses. You are there as they advance, we are here as you advance.

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  • http://www.medcerts.com/it-careers/pc-technician-online-training-program PC Technician Certification Training Program - MedCerts - A+ National Certifications validates that you have the knowledge needed to use and maintain a wide range of networking technologies and have proficiency in networking administration and support.
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  • http://www.medcerts.com/it-careers/it-certifications IT Certifications - A+ Certification is the computer industry recognized credential that certifies the competency of PC Service Specialists

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  • D. Hill - Love Kaspersky, not a memory hog, user friendly

    Great product, very happy with Kaspersky Internet Security. Uses very little memory in comparison to other products on the market.

  • Joan - great buy

    i love the design as well as the cute cover. i am so happy to have it. this is the perfect planner for me.

  • Amazon Customer - Bulky and a bit heavy, but DEFINITELY gets the job done. And FAST!

    A little bulky and heavy, but very handy to have and definitely provides fast charging! I always forget to carry around a charger with me, and end up charging this guy maybe once every other week or so and just leave it in my bookbag. Whenever my phone is in a pinch I can just pull it out, plug in, and its fully charged within 15~20min depending on how much I had left originally. MUCH faster compared to my wall outlet charger. I own a Sony Xperia Z3 btw and while their battery holds up pretty well, I've been binge watching videos and the like, so my battery has been running out much faster.

  • R S of Southern California - Men hair removal product. Wish they still sold it in CVS. ONly online until gone.

    Purchased this from CVS twice. Once in this package and once in a slim container. Works very well. Tried it first a few years back. Removed a lot of excess hair. Depending on how coarse hair is it may take 2-3 times to remove hair. Better if shave first then perhaps use it or use it in quantity for coarser hair. Bought it again to remove leg hair and limit growth. Not too bad. One use last a few weeks. Hair will grow back but keeps hair growth slower once used. Been 2 weeks and hair is coming back gradually.

  • Jeremy Krall - Finally got tired of the problems and removed it

    I was excited when I heard about this thermostat. I pre-ordered it directly from Nest. I even e-mailed them a couple of times checking on availability when I started hearing about it being at Best Buy. I have been using a programmable thermostat for years and thought this would be the next step.

  • Charles G. Topping - My son loves this

    We get him the Lego advent every year. I give this four stars only because of the price. For what you get it is way over priced. My son really looks forward to this every year so I guess its worth paying the bloated price.

  • mack - Milady Standard Cosmetology

    This is a most complete and exciting text. I am a curriculum developer and the contents are essential for the purpose.