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We are India's second largest pharmacy chain - MedPlus is one of India's leading healthcare companies with an ever-growing number of pharmacy stores, online pharmacy, path labs and optical services.

  • http://www.medplusindia.com/aboutus.htm We are revolutionizing the way people access healthcare - We work towards offering the best health care services and products in India. We are the second largest pharmacy retail chain in the country.
  • http://www.medplusindia.com/our-businesses.htm Pharmacy | Online Medicine | Clinical Labs | Opticals - MedPlus is an omni-channel retailer servicing different verticals that include pharmacy, FMCG, clinical lab services, hospital based pharmacies & eyewear.
  • http://www.medplusindia.com/flexi-rewards.htm A reward program that gives double value for your money. - FlexiRewards is an industry-leading program that allows customers to choose from wide range of quality products via spot redemption and points accumulation.
  • http://www.medplusindia.com/franchise.htm Partner with MedPlus to achieve business success. - MedPlus is inviting young entrepreneurs and existing pharmacy owners in AP and Telengna for partnerning in it's growth. For details call: +918688581100
  • http://www.medplusindia.com/contact.htm How to contact us - Click the link above to see contact details of MedPlus office. Customer service available: 8 AM - 10 PM
  • http://www.medplusindia.com/health-news-articles-medpluslab.html Welcome to MedPlus Health Services Pvt. Ltd - NEWS Pathlabs - Visit the MedPlus In News section for latest NEWS related to MedPlus businesses. Also find announcements, company updates and media releases here.
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  • bamf70 - It works

    Its got a strong smell when you put it on but it works. I didn't have any negative reaction to it, but by the smell I could see how somebody with a more sensitive skin might. I would buy this again.

  • Rolanda S Praymous - Great moisturizer

    Loved the way this product moisturized my hair and my daughters her. Will be purchasing again. I already see results and it's only been a month

  • just a listener - Maybe the best ball I've ever hit

    I started out this season with the B330-RXS, and I loved it. More distance than I'd ever hit in a ball, but with a great "feel". Then about 3 weeks ago, a Bridgestone rep came to a local course & offered custom ball fittings, so I signed up. After a really thorough & interesting swing analysis (complete with ball spin rates, clubhead speed, trajectory, launch angles, etc.), the rep recommended the B330-RX instead. Turns out the higher spin rate of the RXS was giving me too much inconsistency. So I took the complimentary RX sample and gave them a try on my next league night. I was more than a little impressed - they are indeed a bit longer, but more importantly, I definitely hit them straighter. And I noticed no significant dropoff in the feel of the ball off the clubface - I know that some "distance" balls hit like rocks, but that's not that case with the B330-RX. They probably don't stick to the greens quite as quickly as the RXS, but I still held my approaches with no issues. The extra distance they offer is worth it to me; I simply have to plan on a bit more roll with my approaches. I've since ordered a dozen from Amazon, and been playing them for a few weeks. Great, great golf ball.

  • Tim P. - PreCip great value / Med. vs. Large

    Great value for the price. Light weight, packable, hood stashes in collar, breathable, pit zips nice for extra breathability. Feels sticky on bare arms, when wearing short sleeve shirt.

  • Michael P. Hussey Jr. - If you are bootstrapping a company, this is especially a must read

    I was young when I read The Goal, but it taught me everything I needed to know about optimizing teams and processes. If you are bootstrapping a company, this is especially a must read. In business, as in life, you are faced with bottlenecks hindering your progress. Those bottlenecks are holding up lots of traffic behind them (Goldratt's theory of constraints). Take those bottlenecks and move them to the front of the priority list.

  • Susie - It works!

    It works! And my face is glowing! So far it's been working well and I can see the decrease in my wrinkles. It's also painless and easy to use. Definitely recommended.

  • Bog Flynn - Beware: No 3D export

    I purchased this after about an hours worth of comparisons with different similar products. I should have done two hours of research. The most glaring mistake I made was assuming that the DXF export was 3D! DXF export was in the features list, so I assumed 3D. Nope! I thought by now, this would be a rather basic feature. I had that with 'Floorplan Deluxe 11' many years ago! It does export to DXF, but only in 2D. To get that capability, you have to purchase the full blown Chief Architect, not even the 'lite' Chief Architect, which is over $1000 ($1,995 to be exact). It is a good product otherwise, if you want to stay completely within the program. I do like the build doors, windows, roof, foundation features a lot. I like to model further in Blender and other modeling software, so I am stuck with my model remaining inside this software. Also, if you want to create a patio or pool deck that realistically is a slab or elevated with a stem, you will have to pass on this version and get the Architectural version (I believe, but check the matrix on their website). I tried all sorts of ways like creating a room where the deck was going to be, so the automatic foundation would be built. Then I would delete the room so I would have stemwall and footers. This would work, except pools can only be created directly out of the terrain, so you have to make the terrain flat to level of top of foundation. I got it to work after much trial and error, but doesn't quite look right. I'd though I would solve that in Blender. Sadly no. I have now purchased Turbofloorplan 16 Pro, as it is the version before the CAD engine was switched to 'Punch'. That version uses the CadSoft engine, which is the home user version of Envisioneer. UPDATE: After using TurboFlooPlan 16, I rebuilt the house in about the same amount of time as Home Designer 2015. That $29 software is what I should purchased in the first place. It is the Pro version, so there doesn't seem to be any limits. You can create actual 'slabs' and put pools in them, and most of all - I can export whole model in 3D!