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  • BEVERLY SELLA - Cleaned up Justin Credible Mess

    I bought this product hoping that it would work to clean my white kitchen cupboards sufficiently so that I could sell my home without having to upgrade to replace the perfectly good WHITE kitchen cupboard. It did a great job. Looked great with the newly painted creamy yellow walls. I was basking in the glow of how well it turned out and taking a well earned nap, when I was awakened and told that my one year old (prematurely terrible two toddler) had found a black marker and used in on my white cupboards and appliances and floor. I freaked, determine that my grandson, Justin Credible, would not make it to two. We calmed and tried the Krud Kutter on the damage and it worked beautifully without damaging any of the finishing. I am very pleased and the kitchen looks great.

  • Kyle Kaplan - Regularly drops all signals, the 5hz more than the ...

    Regularly drops all signals, the 5hz more than the 2.4hz. You can even watch it from the router page. All of a sudden all devices get disconnected and have to reset. I reset everything to original by doing a reset and it still does it. I contacted Asus and they started to help me by telling me to download new firmware and reset everything and that didn't didn't work. Now they won't return the 3 emails I sent them. $300 waste of money!

  • HoosierGirl - "It's only a game - isn't it?

    The review title is the tagline for the Ouija board, which became as a parlor game in the late 1890's to early 1900's, and remains so today. While "Talking Boards" have almost always been around, Charles W. Kennard was the first to market the "Ouija" board, and toymaker William Fuld to make it a hit. Parker Bros. bought Fuld's company in the 60's, and the Ouija design they use here is the original -except this one glows in the dark!

  • Gracey - The Best in my

    Put this on ALL my machines-does NOT slow operations,protects, updates automatically and informs if you need to install other updates! The Best in my opinion